Finding My Strength

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This past weekend Michael and I had the privilege of going back to our home church and sharing about what God is doing in our business. My dad asked us if we would be a part of their recent series about living for Christ outside the walls of the church and of course we said yes! What an honor! Our home church is where we and grew up, where we spent our early dating years, where he proposed and where we got married! There are so many sweet memories at that church.

It felt surreal to share about our story about becoming a husband/wife team and how that has dramatically shifted the way we serve our couples.  It was a powerful morning and I just loved getting to tell our friends and family about what our life looks like and how our ministry has expanded beyond the walls of our church.  Our good friends Katie and Tyler led worship and it was beautiful. I don’t know what it was about that morning but I left feeling like God was really doing something in my heart.

Afterwards we headed down to Powhatan for an All Songs and Daughters concert with some family and friends. I’m obsessed with their lyrics and as I listened to them sing, there was a line that really stuck out to me in one of their songs….

“In Your Presence I Find My Strength”…..

Maybe it’s just me but those 7 words really made an impact last night.  Sometimes I fall into seasons of weakness and tiredness and I become even MORE tired trying to “fix” myself. The truth is that I need to make time to be in His presence because it is only THERE that I find my strength.  And when I say “strength”, I’m not just talking about physical energy… I’m talking about EVERY area of strength of my life…. my creative side, my confidence level, my ability to handle criticism, my battle with comparison, my drive to love and serve friends, family and clients… etc etc. EVERYTHING is strengthened in His presence because He is the keeper of my PURPOSE.

This isn’t a normal Monday post and I realize that…. but maybe there should be more Monday posts like this. Maybe we should start our weeks with a reminder that we can’t do this on our own. There is so much freedom in realizing that!!!

I hope this was an encouraging and uplifting way to start your Monday! And if you need a beautiful soundtrack for your day, listen below!

Thanks for the photo Anna!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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