mom was at my house the other day and she saw The Knot magazine sitting on my coffee table. I picked it up and said “Oh! Momma look at this!” and I proceeded to show her some of the spreads that were filled with my images. I was excited about it and I’m always thrilled to see my work in print but I wasn’t running around the house SCREAMING like I would have been a few years ago. Momma looked at me and said “Do you remember when you used to say that it was your BIGGEST dream to have your pictures in a magazine?”. I do remember those days. And hearing her say that made me extra thankful for where our

business is today. We’re doing the things I used to only dream about that that blows me away. I’m so thankful for these features and I NEVER take them for granted. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a “featured” post simply because I know that there isn’t anything super “life-enhancing” for my readers when I just post about my own successes. Sure, it’s nice to have record of our publications but I have decided that if I’m going to blog about these features, I’m going to also add a tip for others to get published too!

So today’s tip for getting “featured” is to BLOG… A LOT! This may seem too simple but it’s one of the BIGGEST reasons we get published. We show off our work all of the time through our blog and guess what?! Editors search online for work to showcase. 2 of the following print publications can from editors requesting images that they had seen on our blog. Now did this happen when I was only 2 years into the business? No. But eventually, I started to get noticed. However, I wasn’t getting noticed because I sat in my office everyday and wished for feature everyday… I was BLOGGING everyday… I was building my audience EVERYDAY… one post at a time. We have also noticed that when we started blogging images without MASSIVE watermarks on them, our worked was pinned more and blogs would take images off of our site and credit it us when they featured our work! So overall, BLOGGING has been a key factor in getting noticed by editors!! If you’re struggling with blogging consistently, I HIGHLY recommend making a “Blogging Calendar” and scheduling your posts!

Ok, on to the features! We’re SO honored to have Cliff and Laurie’s wedding displayed in the most current issue of The Knot!

Steven and Julie’s wedding was featured in a special “Southern” section as well!!  We had a few images in that latest “What’s Up Weddings” magazine!  This wedding will forever be a favorite! Baltimore Bride did a beautiful spread of Huey and Natalie’s gorgeous backyard wedding! An engagement shot of Darrell and Meredith is in Good Housekeeping!!
An older Knot issue has a feature of Brendan and Jenna’s big day!! Reminder to the photogs! Send images to vendors! They’ll use your work in their print ad’s! 
Thanks to the knot for featuring Steven and Julie’s Wedding 
Thanks to Gold Country Weddings for featuring Bob and Jess’s Wedding
Thanks to elli for featuring Ryan and Megan’s Wedding
Thanks to the knot for featuring Cody and Mindy’s Wedding
Thanks to The Entremom for having me as a guest blogger.
Thanks to the Wedding Wire  for the feature!
Thanks to Grey Likes Weddings for featuring one of our workshops!
Thanks to the Caroline Chamber of Commerce for allowing me to speak at their breakfast.
Thanks to Gold Country Weddings for featuring Josh and Katie’s wedding.
Thanks to heart love weddings for featuring Blake and Rita’s Wedding
Thanks it’s a brides life  for featuring one of our workshops
Thanks to Delight and Be for the interview
Thanks to Crazy Stupid Weddings for featuring Michael and Jessica’s Wedding 
Thanks to House of Turquoise for featuring our home.
Thanks to Wedding Chicks for featuring one of our Workshops
Thanks to Style Me Pretty for featuring Tim and Mary Margaret’s Wedding 
Thanks to Glamour and Grace for featuring Bob and Jess’s Wedding 
Thanks Roses and Lace for the Feature
Thanks to Bridal Guide for the feature.  
Thanks to Rangefinder for the feature
Thanks to the knot  for the feature.
Thanks to The Mill at Fine Creek for the Feature
Thanks to the knot for the feature
Thanks to Gold Country Weddings for featuring Matt and Kat’s wedding!
Thanks to Brides for featuring Nik and Lindy’s wedding!
Thanks to The Every Last Detail for featuring Morgan and Lauren’s wedding
Thanks to The Learned Bride for the feature
Thanks to Shutter Magazine for the feature.
Thanks to Bridal Musings for featuring one of our workshops 
Thanks to Vows and Valor for featuring Andrew and Katie’s Wedding
Thanks to Southern Weddings for the interview 
Thanks to Bayside Bride for featuring Huey and Natalie’s wedding 
Thanks to Borrowed and Blue for featuring Melissa and Aaron’s wedding
Thanks to Rustic Wedding Chic for Featuring JR and Sarah’s Wedding
Thanks to the Luxe Pearl for featuring Hutch and Kerri’s Wedding
Thanks to Wedding Chicks for featuring Steven and Julie’s Wedding 

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

Composition Course Family SHoot

Composition at a Family Shoot with little kids!

As a professional photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless family portraits over the years. Each session presents a unique set of challenges, from managing energetic children to finding the perfect backdrops.


As a photographer, I’ve often found myself in situations where the location seemed lackluster or uninspiring. It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of the perfect setting, but the reality is that we don’t always have the luxury of shooting in the most visually stunning locations.

Sneak Peek Composition. Course

Creating Amazing Composition when you have a boring location


The Smith Family Pharsalia Farm Family Portrait

We rescheduled this shoot with the Smith family once because of a threat of rain. It wasn’t a totally horrible forecast but if there’s one thing that I learned about Colleen when I photographed her wedding, it’s that she loves the GLOW!


The Sledge & Hugo Family Legacy Family Portraits | Maymont Park

What’s better than doing a family session for one KJ couple? Photographing TWO and adding in Nonna and Grandpa!


As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve encountered my fair share of editing challenges on the job.

LR Editing Nightmares

Wedding Photography Editing Nightmares and how to fix them!


5 Essential Lightroom Tips I can't edit without these!

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