• June 2017 Issue | Cracking the Facebook Code

When Rangefinder magazine reached out to me about sharing what we had learned about Facebook tips during the last year or so, I thought to myself “Do they know I was on maternity leave and haven’t been on social media nearly as much recently?!” I felt like a fraud sharing advice when I hadn’t been practicing it daily. However, just because I took some time off doesn’t mean that what I know isn’t valid anymore. Facebook’s algorithms change rapidly, but what we did in the fall of 2016 still works today! I’m excited to share my little feature and also pass along all of the interview questions that I sent over to them!

I’m honored to have one of Calvin and Brittany’s gorgeous wedding images in print in Rangefinder! I have to laugh because I remember Brittany asking me during her wedding day “Do you think we got some good ones?!” and now her wedding has been featured on Quirk’s website, Style Me Pretty, Richmond Bride Magazine and now RANGEFINDER… so yes… I think we got some good ones!!!! I just loved their wedding so much and apparently so does everyone else!

Anyway, after I had been contacted by Rangefinder, I gathered my current thoughts about Facebook and I shared them with the editor! I’m honored to have the chance to help others via a print article so if you’re a photographer, be sure to get yourself a copy of the June 2017 Rangefinder issue, if you’re not already subscribed!

And because I want to practice what I preach, here are some helpful tips for beating the algorithms of Facebook these days!! :

1. What do you know about how Facebook grades content?

Facebook is always looking for engaging posts that spur on organic interactions! They want to see content that people are naturally drawn to and easily interact with!

2. What sorts of tricks do you use with your own social media content to make sure it gets maximum exposure?

We have found that self-promotion is never the answer. For example, if we share a blog post about being featured somewhere, we always include some tips or tricks for other photographers to use when they are submitting their work. People love giving advice and hearing advice. What people don’t love is hearing someone brag about what they have accomplished. So we always want to make sure we are producing content that is either inspiring, educational or entertaining in some way shape or form.

3. What have you found is the ideal length for a video? Do you ever use subtitles or other tools to ensure that people can watch them in various settings?

We have found that currently, the best way to get the most engagement with a video is to do a Facebook Live video and then let it live on our page! Another way to ensure that videos get maximum exposure is to create videos that have clear audio, great lighting, and are concise and to the point! We use external microphones and video lighting when we record our videos for Facebook!

4. What sort of content doesn’t work for Facebook?

Content that doesn’t work is content that doesn’t serve others! When you exist on social media to help and inspire, you will always grow because people are drawn to inspiration and compassion. Whether you’re trying to educate brides to have a less stressful wedding day or educating other photographers, serving always wins!

5. What recommendations do you have for increasing engagement on a Facebook page?

I recommend posting regularly and not straying away from personal content. People relate to PEOPLE more than they do to pictures! If you took an amazing shot and you want to share it, maybe share some of the backstory of how you created it and why you love it so much. There is an over abundance of pretty pictures on Facebook… So if you want to stand out and see your engagement rise, you have to give people something more to connect to!

xoxo, Katelyn
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