2009 Highlights | Portraits

  • 2009 Highlights | Portraits

I love blogging. I really do. I love sharing new things and posting my favorite images and introducing new friends! However, at this moment… I am NOT a happy blogger! Due to some domain and hosting changes and some not so complete transfers of links, I am now fixing glitches the go all the way back to November 2008! Yea. It’s going to be a LONG night! But! It did make me happy to scan through folders upon folders of portraits and pick out the 2009 highlights! I have so many but these images stuck out to me for so many different reasons. I’ll try to explain a little about each so you can understand why they made the cut!


There is one simple reason that I LOVE these! Mary’s eyes!  Mary’s session was last minute.  I remember being slammed right before vacation and I questioned whether or not I should book anything. Welp! After her session I knew it was the right decision!

These are favorites because of color and clarity! Look at Elizabeth’s eyes!

This one makes me laugh! I love it because the Beale family looks so serious! and they are SO not a serious family! I love that family and I love the light!

Do I need to explain why I love this next one?

Aw beautiful Britfit. Brit has been my roommate for 3 years now! I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like without our late night/early morning talks…. til 4 am.  Her session was FULL of favorites! But I narrowed it down to 3…. or maybe 4.

This is a strong image.  I don’t know what that means but it just seems dramatic and powerful and it’s definitely a favorite!

This was also an awesome session because of the SUNFLOWERS! We caught them just before they wilted!

Love this one because this was my first time meeting Andi Grant! Andi is a fellow photographer in VA Beach and it’s been awesome to watch her business grow and become her full time career! Check out her blog!

Sweet Kaeona! She was my first newborn to photograph! Precious.

These pics are super special to me because they are from my first EVER workshop! Megan you’re gorgeous!

Why do I love this next one? Just look at him!

Love me some Kirtners! Such an awesome family with BEAUTIFUL children!

Such a fierce look! Naomi you totally rock the “serious” face.

So different from anything I’ve done! I’ll take an old car any day! A teal one preferably!

Oh Mo, how I adore this girl! We’ve been friends since freshman year and I LOVED these few shots of her. The light was awesome!

Ariel… you’re glowing! You look flawless and this has always been a favorite!

These couple of Sarah are so bright and fun!

This one made the favorite list because I made Sarah sit in a flowerbed outside an office building in Williamsburg! ha! But hey, you would NEVER know that unless I told you!

Sweet Avery Grace! Of course she had some favorites! She’s so darn cute!

This one is SO Caroline! She’s in her element and it’s awesome!

Amelia’s session left me totally amazed. Not because of my work but because of the AMAZING young woman Amelia has become.  I couldn’t love these more.

Love these colors and the clarity!

This is a favorite because Peter’s session was the first session I used my 5D MarksII! I remember taking this one and looking at the LCD screen and thinking “Oh My Gosh! This is crazyyyy!!” The MarkII was such a dramatic shift from the regular 5D!

Creaminess. Mmm Mmm good!

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