• Buddy + Jill | Engaged | Part 1

do a part 1 and part 2….. but I just can’t help it this time! I couldn’t pick my favorites and narrow them down so I’m going to be blogging Buddy and Jill 2 times this week! Yessssss. I’m so excited. You don’t understand how much I love these two! We went to college together at CNU. Michael and Jill graduated together and Buddy and I finished together last May.  I remember seeing buddy and Jill starting to hangout.  We would see them walking down Prince Drew Rd. together and all of my roommates would whisper “you think they’re going to date?!!!” We loved the idea of Buddy and Jill becoming a couple….

And what I love even more is the thought of them becoming husband and wife!  Gosh, we are in the midst of such an exciting time in our lives right now. Michael and I have so many amazing friends that are getting married and I LOVE IT! This past weekend we celebrated with our dear friends Alison and Manny at their wedding in Harrisonburg. It was beautiful and oh my goodness do I have some pretty pictures to show! (Coming Thursday!)  The other great part about this past weekend was that I got to drive up to Buddy and Jill’s future home (a beautiful plantation style home that was built in 1776….I think) and shoot their engagement session BRIGHT and early on Friday morning! We were a little bummed that the sun didn’t really make an appearance but it was actually perfect. It was like I had a huge diffuser and the light was awesome! This is just half of their session and I’m in love with it. I love the images but what I love most is that these pictures are taken in their backyard. Not only is it beautiful, this location is going to be a HUGE part of their new life together!!

LOVE this!!!

This is their backyard… No big deal.

I was squealing by this time… I love these! Jill you’re gorgeous!

By the way… it was 8am and FREEZING!! They hid that really well:)

ahhh!!!! How beautiful are their children going to be?!!

Love her.

Favorite for sure!

Yes! Who knew old trees could be so cool!

Of course we had to go in the barn:)

Don’t miss part 2!

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