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that she was always that one girl that would hang out with the boys in high school.  They all liked her.  She was awesome and beautiful and yet she never dated any of them. They all graduated and went away to college but after that phase of life…. Kenny and Misty realized that they were meant to be together.  Kenny explained their story to me as we rode through fields and old dirt roads in the back of Misty’s dad’s truck. We shot their engagement session at Misty’s childhood home.  I’m from the country and so being in the middle of nowhere is not a foreign feeling for me.  However…. we were really in the middle of NOWHERE!

We shot in everything from wheat fields to abandoned barns and then underneath flowering dogwood trees. I loved it.  As I got to know this amazing couple I became more and more excited for their October wedding! I asked Kenny how long they dated before they were engaged and he said “Not long…. I always knew that if she ever let me date her, I would marry her”. And he was right. These two will be married this fall and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! They’re gorgeous, so in love and so comfortable with one another…. it makes my job so easy and I LOVED my time with them…. and their puppies:).  Yes, there are some puppy pics in here! Get excited!!

Misty…. love this. You’re beautiful!

This session was shot in the morning so the later it got, the brighter it became and that can be hard to work with. However, these two became  pros at blocking light off of each other’s faces:)  This is a favorite!


Kenny…. you did well… this ring is amazing!

How cute are they?!

And meet the other part of their family…Brody and Jeter…(If I spelled names wrong, please don’t let them know!:)

It was a real task to get them both to smile for the camera!

Love them.

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