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like I’ve been blogging a lot of personal life stuff recently. My sister got engaged, Thanksgiving was at our house for the first time EVER, etc, etc. Welp! Today is another personal day! :) I have mentioned so many times before that this blog isn’t JUST a blog for my business, it’s a blog for my life as well! It’s my online scrapbook and now that’s been going for 6 years, it’s REALLY fun to have life documented this way! So I wanted to post some images from our Thanksgiving tablescape because it was pretty and glowy and very TEAL!

Of course I had to blog it! I may not have contributed very much to the MEAL…. but hey, the house was beautiful! :) I DID make broccoli casserole with supervision though and that is a BIG step for me. I’m not the chef of the family… that’s my sister’s role these days. My strengths are more on the artsy side and so naturally, I wanted the table to look great for the holiday! So enjoy some images of the decor and I can’t WAIT to share some Christmas decor with you all in a week or so!! Enjoy! oh and Ps. This is going to sound ridiculous but there were some pictures that I loved from Thanksgiving with our families that I didn’t post last week on my “Thanksgiving 2013” post and so I added them! So if you’re bored and want to see some new pics, there are some new images here! 

Thanks to Sister Sweets for bringing some delicious cupcakes to Joe and Emy’s engagement party!! I had to include a pretty picture of these prefect little cupcakes that we had left over! 

Table runner | Target

Twigs and Berry Branches | Crate and Barrel
Vases | Crate and Barrel
Tall Mint Vase | Target
Napkin Rings and Napkins and Dishes | Crate and Barrel
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