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There are so many similarities between me and Lisa. The more time I spent around her, the more I became aware of them. For example, she’s known in her family for being the one that has just a little bit of “clumsy” in her! That’s totally me!! I think there was one summer where I literally had 6 bike accidents in a row!! I learned this about Lisa when she almost took a tumble during the first look! While some brides would let that tarnish the moment… it made their moment even MORE amazing!! They’ll never forgot that!!! The thing about Lisa is that she’s embraces that aspect about herself and you just have to love it!! She is who she is!! She’s smart, joyful and so full of life! There is never a dull moment around this girl and I adore her for that. John loves this about her too! These two crack each other up constantly!

Judging by the amount of fun that they have together, you would never believe that they met while they were working in a library!! When I think of Libraries, I think of “serious” and “quiet”! This is polar opposite of John and Lisa!! They love life and they adore one another and when you’re around them, there’s no denying that! Their energy and spunk can light up a room!!!

Michael and I actually flew into Lagaurdia and then drove up to this wedding. Whenever our wedding days include a flight, we’re always so humbled. They could have chosen anyone and yet they chose US!! What a privilege!! As you scroll through this wedding day, I hope you can feel John and Lisa’s joy and excitement. That’s always my goal! I want you to finish a blog post feeling like you know my couple!! :) So enjoy this New York state wedding and be sure to leave them some love!!

I don’t get to photograph this cobalt blue very often so I was loving this!! 

Gorgeous Lisa!!!

Feeling “artsy” ya’ll, feeling atrsy. 

Ha! I think he was excited! 

Even in mid-trip, she’s beautiful!!! 

We laughed about the “trip” for a solid 5 minutes!! 

Love this!!

Loved this detail shot!

Oh Lisa!!!! You’re stunning!!

Love this shot so much!


The trees are changing up there!! And I loved it!!!

And then we found this one barn! And we loved it!!!!

Oh the LIGHT!!!!

I totally felt awesome once we found this spot!! It was heavenly!!!

Love these chandeliers at the Ethan Allen Hotel!! 

This is how they entered their reception!!!!

Let the party begin!! These people can DANCE!!!

Selfie with grandma!!!

And they lived happily ever after!!!

Ceremony | St. James the Apostle
Reception |  Ethan Allen Hotel
Florists | Floral Designs by Nancy
Dress | David’s Bridal
Dress Designer | Oleg Cassini
Bridesmaids | David’s Bridal
DJ | Kaos Productions
Videographer | Dream Images Real Life Motion Pictures
Hair | Patricia Provenza
Makeup | COLOR Make-Up Studio
Invitations | Papersnaps
Hotel | Ethan Allen Hotel
Favors | Wilton Key Shaped Bottle Opener
Cake | Homestyle Desserts Inc.
Catering | Ethan Allen Hotel
xoxo, Katelyn
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