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I apologize for the lack of blogging recently.  It’s not that there isn’t anything to blog! …not the case AT ALL!  I’m extremely behind with sessions. However, it is because I’m out of town this week! I’m tucked away in the mountains of Goshen,VA at a camp (aka 5 star resort) called Rockbridge.  It’s definitely not “Roughing it”.  It’s BEAUTIFUL here! Facilities and all! I’m here for a week with Intervarsity and I’ll be here until Sunday. So please excuse the late email responses and lack of posting as I do nothing but play volleyball, eat a ton of food, relax and plan a little! (Ps. I’m officially a senior in college…so weird.)

Because I HATE just posting just text (how boring), I want to put a little plug in for Inspired Designs Facebook Fan Page! I’m not lying when I say that Facebook is probably 1 of the top 3 reasons Inspired Designs has taken off! It’s crazy how much marketing can be done through the obsessive world of social networking! So please, if you haven’t already, join the other 420 members and become a fan!  I’ll be updating and posting on the fan page instead of the group pretty soon. Thanks so much for being faithful blog readers! Ya’ll are awesome!

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