Evy’s Second Month

It’s hard to believe that our baby girl is two months old! When they say that babies change fast, they weren’t kidding! We have had some days when she literally wakes up and seems like a different baby! It doesn’t help that she’s BIG for her age! Her One Month appointment was actually a week late, but she was measuring in the 97% for her head (she gets that from her daddy!) 95% for her weight and 75% for her length. I know those percentiles don’t mean anything really, but my goodness… she has a big head!!!

When we were getting ready to leave her one month appointment, the doctor said “So next time we’re going to look for her to be holding her head up some and maybe a smile or two.”  Michael and I just looked at each other and smiled as if to say “Oh, she’s SO advanced! She’s been doing that since week 2!” ha! We are definitely THOSE PARENTS who think that their child is just the best thing since sliced bread!!! We just love her so much, and we’re still on cloud nine that she’s ours and we don’t have to give her back! It feels like we’re babysitting someone else’s really cute baby sometimes, because it’s still hard to believe that we’re PARENTS!

So month two has been a lot of fun. Here are some of the memories and aspects of this part of her life that I want to remember!!


  • This is the month that she started being totally fine to just lay/sit on her own! Wide awake! yay! I remember the first time she laid on the couch and stared at the ceiling for 45 mins. It was the best!!
  • She’s started smiling at herself in the mirror when she’s lying under her little “teepee”
  • She has figured out how to make cute little cooing and grunting noises when she’s excited!
  • She still LOVES her changing table. And especially loves it if she’s totally naked!! When she realizes where she is and then we take her clothes off, watch out world!! This girl goes kicking-crazy! Those legs go 100 miles a minute and you know she’s loving life because she’s smiling the whole time!
  • She can smile on command… kinda. She has to be happy and not hungry in order to make it happen but it’s so much fun to see her react to us!
  • She’s growing a lot of new baby hairs! Some people say they see a little red tint to it, but I’m not getting my hopes up!
  • She has spent a lot of time with her family… especially her Grammie and Mimi! We’re thankful for their help and that they will drop everything to get some Evy snuggles!
  • She got to see her sweet cousin Micah again when she was 7 weeks old and they LOVE laying side by side…. naked of course.
  • She traveled to Raleigh so that I could speak at the MTH conference and her daddy kept her all day for two days straight! He’s a champ!
  • She also traveled to OBX right after our Raleigh trip and we got scared that we were losing her love for long sleep stretches, because she only slept for 4 hours at the Hampton Inn where we spent one day! However, after a few nights back at home, she was back to her 7-8 hours and we were praising the good Lord!!!
  • So she’s still an amazing sleeper, and Michael and I know that is a gift from God. We are getting way more sleep than people told us that we would and we’re so thankful! Her pattern is to get swaddled, get her Owlet on, nurse and then go to bed at 10pm and she normally sleeps until 6am!
  • She’s liking her swing a lot more these days! Yay!!!
  • Her 0-3 month clothes are slowly being packed away and I’m so sad about it!!! I love some of those onesies!
  • She’s around 13 lbs. She was over 11 lbs at her one month appointment and we just weighed her at home last night and she was over 13, so she’s gaining weight, and I’m proud of myself because she’s still exclusively breastfed.
  • I LOVE her smiles when she wakes up. Right now she’ll cry… I’ll lean over and un-swaddle her and we’ll smile at each other for a few minutes, and then she’ll lay there for a little while until the morning poop happens, and we ALL know when it  happens… because it’s so LOUD! Ah! I’m praying this doesn’t happen in church one Sunday because it definitely happened at her Aunt Morgan’s bridal shower and I was so embarrassed!! ah!
  • Is it weird to say I think she’s cuter than I anticipated! I mean, I know we’re all biased towards our own kids, but I think she’s adorable!
  • She sneezes like her Uncle Corey!
  • She loves her new Bob stroller!
  • She has seen her buddy Knox more times than we can count, and she’s been to Big Spring Farm 3x in her first 8 weeks of life which is pretty impressive considering that it’s 2 hours away!
  • She LOVES sleeping on her side for naps in her Boppy lounger around the house, but just recently (like yesterday)… she has started taking big-girl naps in her real crib upstairs… on her TUMMY! She can lift her head up super well so we’re not too concerned and we monitor her… but it is sad to see her seem so grown up all of a sudden!
  • She’s a BIT dramatic. She’s not a crier or colicky or fussy…  but she lets it be known when she’s unhappy with a few short outbursts that sound like the world is coming to an end. Moments after these outbursts, she’s totally happy!

So here are some photos from her second month of life and forgive me if this is long….. I’m feeling back to normal and totally myself again and so the camera came out way more the 2nd month than the first! :

Emy took this at Morgan’s shower and it’s just the sweetest! 

 Aunt Mooga and Evy! 

Uncle Corey has the magic touch! 

We tried to make this work….

But it didn’t! ha!

Emy and Micah… she’s a cute momma!

Holding her head up!

 Cousins are the best!

One more of them together! Look at Evy’s smile!

Great Grandma time!

Tummy time!

oh my goodness….

This may be one of my all time favorites. :)


 We tried! 

Again… Uncle Corey must have comfy shoulders! 

Sweet baby girl….

Look at these three! Micah and Knox are around 15 weeks and Evy was 7 weeks here! 

ALL the babies! 

Gayle and Caroline! They’ve known me since I was a baby and now they’re holding my baby! ah! 

Aunt Sarah! 

Grammie and Paw

Well when you have extra flowers… you gotta use them for something!!

She may be fussing but I love this picture! 

Meeting her second cousin Faire! 

Teepee time! 

Uncle Brian!? Second Cousin Brian? What is Michael’s cousin to Evy?!

Grammie got her a chickie and she didn’t know what to think at first….

But then she loved it! 

We tried….

At least she’s still cute when she screams! 

This is so special to me! 

Evy is definitely well-loved!

Happy two months little girl!

xoxo, Katelyn
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