Everly’s Third Month

Everly is three months old today! She’s three months and her uncle Corey turned 23!!! Happy Birthday Corey! I’m combining Evy’s Three month post with Corey’s birthday post because….efficiency! Corey is actually getting married in 9 days! I can’t believe it!! He just graduated from college last weekend too! This is like the biggest month of his life so far!! Uncle Corey is so good at being an Uncle. He loves Micah and Evy so much, and he’s a natural with them!!! I think I speak for my sister when I say that we are so thankful that our kids are going to grow up with such a fun Uncle who loves them to pieces!!

Corey is humble, kind, giving, gentle, compassionate and loving. Morgan is getting one incredible guy as a husband, and we’ve been so blessed to have him as a baby brother the last 23 years!!! Happy Birthday, Buddy! We’re so excited for this amazing new season of your life with Morgan! Thanks for landscaping our yard for fun, for making us laugh when you finally decide to chime in on our never-ending family text thread, and for always reminding me that our baby girl is cute. :) We love you!!!

So Evy is three months old! Oh the time is flying by so incredibly fast. I think this age is my favorite so far… but then again I have said that at every stage. I honestly think that God gives you something new to love for everything old that you miss. For example:

  • I love that she doesn’t feel as fragile, but I miss the feeling of snuggling with a balled up newborn.
  • She’s more squirmy when she nurses, but she moves her little hand back and forth while she’s eating… almost like she’s making sure I’m still there!
  • She doesn’t get as “milk drunk” anymore after she finishes eating, but instead she smiles and does her little nose crinkle that melts your heart!
  • She doesn’t sleep through as many loud sounds or movement in the room she’s in during naps, but she smiles really big when you go to pick her up!
  • Her cries don’t sound like a newborn anymore… but her talking and baby sounds make up for it!
  • She’s outgrown her 0-3 month clothes, but she looks so adorable in her new summer outfits!
  • She’s not as floppy and mold-able like she was as a newborn, but now she’s super snuggly when you hold her on your shoulder and she loves to bury her face in your neck.
  • She doesn’t need us to hold her as much…. but she’s so content to sit in her rocker or swing for an hour or two at a time, and I can get so much more done!

So what have we done during the third month of Evy’s life? Oh man. So much! This is the month where I went back to work. Wedding season started and we had quite the lineup of events!! Here are some highlights from month three! :

  • We hosted our first workshop in the new house for two days straight, and Evy did GREAT with her Mimi and Grammie!
  • My sister and I took the babies down to VA beach for our future sister-in-law’s bachelorette weekend and even though we couldn’t do everything with all of the girls, I’m really proud of us for being there with such little babies!
  • Then we took Evy on her first flight to Georgia, because Michael and I were speaking and helping to run the Connect Retreat for 4 days!
  • Then we came home and left the next day for a destination wedding in OBX. This was a five hour drive, and my momma came to watch Evy during the wedding!
  • Then we came home and left three days later for the most intimidating trip of my life! We took an 11 week old and a 20 week old to ITALY!!!! And you know what… it wasn’t too bad! Sure, it’s more work but we did awesome, and I’m so proud of us AND the babies!
  • This month meant that Evy got passed around to a ton of different caregivers. She was held by my workshop attendees and stayed in a cabin with her grandmas in Georgia…. I think it’s safe to say that she’s flexible!
  • Evy had an ultrasound on her hip to make she didn’t have hip displasia and thankfully everything looks normal!
  • She got to see her cousin Micah several times and I’m so thankful for that!!!

It looks like he punched her! ha! 

Micah’s faces are THE BEST.

Beautiful girl in her Easter Dress since she wasn’t a happy camper on Easter! 

That nose crinkle! 

More cousin time! 

Celebrating Aunt Mooga! 

We can make a nursing nook out of anywhere! 

Little Evy in Italy! 

Please look at Evy’s face here! bahaha! She was like that almost the entire trip! 

Those shoulder snuggles! 

Hands in the mouth… it’s the new thing around here! 

Evy also got to meet her great Aunt Susan for the first time this month!!!! Yayyy!!

And celebrated her Daddy’s 31st birthday!

Oh this dress from Karen Stott is just amazing!!!! 

Sorry, I know this is pretty much a duplicate but I just love them both!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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