• Escalate 2010 | Day 2

I don’t believe in coincidences.  The amazing people I have met and random connections that have been made throughout my journey of becoming a small business owner within the last 2 years did not happen by chance.  I’ve had so many moments where I can look back and see how the Lord has worked in my life and presented me with awesome oppurtunities and new friendships. It’s amazing. The most recent example would be meeting miss Courtney Reese! We met at a stylized shoot that we both attended in VA Beach and we hit it off.  Deciding to room together at Escalate made our trip 100x better! Seriously! She’s such a sweetheart and I could have talked to her from hours upon hours. We had a blast and I’m so thankful that I had a lunch buddy, a seat saver and friend to tell me as I’m getting in the shower “Um, Katelyn, just to let you know, its 3am.” haha That was the best story of the trip!

Courtney and I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine that we had for one afternoon and we walked and talked along the oceanfront. Awesome! Enjoy some of those shots and then enjoy some shots from day two of the conference!

Whew! I look tired!

Courtney Reese everyone! Just love her!!

I forgot to explain to Courtney that I drive a VW bug and so I’m sure she thought I was crazy when I saw this old VW and immediately ran over to it! Isn’t it so cool and vintage and beachy?! Love it!

Momma, you’re the garden expert. What in the world is this flower called!?  It’s so intense!

Shots from the walk home!

Now for a few shots of our fabulous speakers from Day 2! Jerry Ghionis = Amazingly funny and insanely talented.  His perception of light and composition blew me away. He was definitely  favorite!

I’ll give you one guess who this is!:)

Yep! Jessica Claire and her wonderful Shootsac

David Jay! What an incredibly wise and humble guy! Loved hearing from him!

Lastly, the amazing Jeremy Cowart. This guy’s huge heart and passionate spirit had everyone in tears. Check out his site and please be sure to check out Help-Portrait while your at it. I’ll definitely be participating this year in VA!

And I must end with to very different plane window shots! (I love having the window seat and a camera!)

Newport Beach at night!

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