• 2012 Money Shots

when I shoot, I have these strange moments when I can FEEL that I took a great shot. Doesn’t that sound strange? I just get this feeling like “That one was a money shot!!”.  It doesn’t happen ALL the time but every now and then, I FEEL IT!  I think this feeling comes from pushing my own boundaries, trying new things, going for the “epic” shot and taking some risks. Just this past Saturday, I asked my couple to climb into some old john boats at the end of their portrait time…. was it a little dirty? Probably. Would the bride’s mother be freaking out if she saw her daughter sitting on a john boat in her wedding dress?

Yes…. but it was so worth it. What a fun shot!! Those moments when the light is just right or I have a creative idea or I push myself to do something new…. those are the moments when MONEY SHOTS are born. Like I said, this isn’t something that just happens when I want it to… it’s random and I never see it coming! But when it happens, I let EVERYONE within hearing distance know about it!! Squeals and high fives are exchanged and I’m one happy photog!! So here are some of those moments from my 2012 engagements!!! Remember, these are money shots to ME. They may not seem like money shots to you but so some reason or another… they are to me!! Stay tuned for the 2012 WEDDING MONEY SHOT post on Monday!!

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