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  • I Made It!

I made it to the end! Today is a glorious day. I’ve done laundry, emails, sent some lenses and a camera body off to be cleaned and I’m getting ready to start some editing. (By the way, I use CPS for all the photogs out there, it’s a worthwhile investment!)  I just feel relieved. Really relieved. Almost to the point of getting a little emotional. This year has been a long year and while it’s been one of the BEST… it has also required a ton of work.  However, I’m so incredibly thankful for the 34 couples that allowed me to be a part of one of the biggest days of their LIFE.  It’s was an HONOR.  I look at these images and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.  These couples

have blessed my life in so many ways and I know EVERY photographer says this… but I seriously think I have the best clients in the world. This year I felt more connected to my couples than I ever have before and I’m so grateful for that. So many photography businesses are run like a factory. Clients book, they shoot, they mail the CD and that’s it. DONE. ZIP. BOOM. Move on…  And while that seems like it would be the EASY route… I don’t have a business like that.  These couples are my FRIENDS and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being invested in them and their lives changes the way I shoot their wedding day and my hope is that that shows through their images. As I think back over 2011, I am humbled and thankful. I’m thankful for a busy year.  I’m thankful for a break over the next few months and I’m thankful to have so many new friends in my life!!! This week, we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving and so what better way to launch my “time off” than to say a huge THANK YOU to these couples who made this year one to remember!!!! I love you ALL!! ENJOY your first year of Marriage and thank you for allowing me to be a part of the celebration!!!!


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