• Happy Birthday Emy!!!

was a very important person’s birthday!! My little sister turned 23 yesterday and I still can’t believe she’s THAT old! It’s not really OLD…. but it feels old when you still remember someone as being a bleach blonde toddler who had the squeakiest voice known to man and a sweet little smile! Emily was a cutie when she was little and now she’s a beautiful 23 year old that’s doing incredible things with her life!! Emy graduated from Virginia Tech a year ago. I still feel like she should be in college!! Time is flying by! She graduated and really felt called to do ministry full time with CRU, a non-profit ministry that reaches college students.

I think this is such an awesome ministry for Emily to be involved in because it’s reaching students at a critical time in their life when they’re making really big life decisions.  What better time to have a godly role model in their life, right?! Her whole house of girlfriends from college had been involved in CRU during their time at VA Tech and so it wasn’t too surprising that they wanted to continue to serve in that capacity after college. The CRAZY thing was that ALL of her roommates that she graduated with decided to serve with CRU their first year out of college! Some are still at Tech, some are serving overseas and Emy is serving in Pennsylvania at the regional office. It’s been amazing to watch her leave everything she knows in VA and start and new life in PA….. by herself! Sure, she has friends up there NOW, but when she first left to start her new job, she was starting from scratch. Michael and I started from scratch when we moved to Richmond but we had each other. Emy left for PA just trusting that this is where God wanted her to go! …….. and I think it’s been VERY obvious that she has been in the right place.

Emy is in charge of Fund Development and she spends time helping different campuses raise support so that they can continue to serve their students. She also serves on West Chester University’s campus and works with college students! Now, it’s one thing to move somewhere new and get acclimated, it’s another thing to move somewhere new THRIVE socially, professionally and spiritually! I’m so SO proud of her. Everything that she has had a hand in has been amazing and I’m SO thankful that she has found her groove as a northerner! :) Emy has recently decided that her work in PA isn’t done and that she wants to continue to serve as an intern for another year! I’m excited for her because I think that after ALL that she’s accomplished in her position, it would be somewhat sad to not carry on. Emy is home right now raising support and meeting with the people in her life that have decided to partner with her in ministry both prayerfully and financially. I know it’s a little stressful for her because she has to raise enough financial support to cover her costs of living for the entire year but I selfishly love having her around these few short weeks!! I miss her when she’s in PA!!!

Tonight we’re having everyone over to the new house for a big birthday dinner!! (And more than likely, Emy will be cooking her own birthday dinner because she’s an amazing chef! :) We bought her a little gift but I just really wanted to do a blog post dedicated to her because I love her and I think the world of her…. and I want my blog readers to know how awesome she is!! :) I’m so proud of her and what she’s doing for the Lord. I’ve learned a lot just from watching her take huge leaps of faith and trusting God along the way. During the next few weeks she’s really trusting that God is going to provide financially so that she can serve for another year. This is a non-profit and so everyone on staff with CRU is responsible for finding people who believe in what they are doing and are willing to partner with them. Michael and I have been supporting Emy this year and I can honestly say that there is something so rewarding about GIVING instead of spending money on yourself. We’re excited to partner with her again this year and if you are reading this and you have a heart for CRU or college ministry in general and want to partner with Emily or give a gift to her ministry, you can email her at:  or visit this link :

Emy I love you, I’m so excited for you and this awesome season of your life and even though I hate that you live 4 hours away… I’m so thankful that you are where you’re supposed to be!!! Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! I’m off to buy balloons and stuff!!! :):) And here’s a little picture of my family… because of love them… and this is one of my favorite pictures of all of us! (Well, Bokeh’s haircut is a little bizarre but besides that, it’s my favorite!)

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