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  • Gray Summit 2015

The reality is that just when I think I have my “stuff” together…. I learn that I don’t. Yes, I’m organized with our business and yes we have some good stuff going on but there are parts of my business that needed help and I didn’t even KNOW it until this past week! Zach and Jody invited us and a small group of close friends to their home in Nashville for a mastermind type of event. I was a bit intimidated because honestly, I’m a small fish in a big ole pond when it comes to accomplishments and life experience in this group!!

Some of these friends have been on Creative Live half a dozen times, have started 24+ employee companies and have launched online Academies…. and then there’s Katelyn! It’s an awesome position to be in. I learned SO much, literally every minute of the three days we were there I learned something. Hanging out with people that know more than you means that when you’re in conversation with them, every few minutes they are saying something you need to write down!!! :)

the brainstorm

Zach and Jody invited us to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of one another because they know the importance of gathering together with people who are similar to you. If I never spent time with people that dream bigger than I do, my dreams would plateau because I would be setting my own standard. It’s inspiring to hear other people talk about what they are accomplishing and how they are making it happen! It’s also hard to hear where you need to make changes in your business. Zach invited his good friend Jeff Goins to the Summit to teach us a few things…and when I say a “few things” I mean half a notebook full of “things”. WOW. Mind blown. What I appreciated most about our time with Jeff was that he looked into our online presence and critiqued them…. and he had some opinions about them! It’s easy to get defensive about changes that need to be made but here’s the thing… this guy is DOING WHAT WE HOPE TO DO when it comes to education and so I quickly let me guard down and just LISTENED! I mean, he’s a best selling author and I’m the girl with never-ending typos on my blog!!! :) We’re so thankful for Jeff’s time, his wisdom and his willingness to pour into us. If you haven’t heard of Jeff, you can thank me later after you checkout his SITE!!

After 3 days of information, I finally realized why my workshop attendees look glazed over at the end of day 2!! It’s SO exhausting to be mentally engaged for hours upon hours! I also realized the VALUE of having someone who is 10 steps ahead of you tell you what they know. It’s actually invaluable!! There is no way I could put a price tag on the information we received last week and we’re so thankful to have been a part of such an amazing event.

thank you, grays!

Zach and Jody  have always been so giving when it comes to helping us out. Zach has given me so much advice over the last 3 years… it’s like it just spills out of him. He can’t help it. He enjoys sharing what he knows and let me tell you, we enjoy it too! :) Jody somehow hosted 16 people in their home while pregnant and keeping up with a one and a half year old and we can’t thank her enough. The only way Amy Demos and I could think of possibly giving back just a portion of what The Gray’s gave us was to offer to do a little photoshoot with the three (technically 4) of them! :) So enjoy some of my favorites and don’t get used to this because I’m no portrait photographer!! … Only on special occasions! :)

Ps. HUGE thanks to Cole for being the ONLY one who thought to snap a few pictures!!! If you want to read his “14 Essential Lessons that Will Change your Life Today!” RECAP you can view it HERE, along with some other pictures! Get to know the group!!! :

Jeff Goins | Incredible writer, speaker & Teacher!

Zach & Jody Gray | Awesome resource creators & educators!

Luke & Cat | Super savvy business minds from the heart of TEXAS!

Matt & Carissa | Big dreamers and Academy creators!

Courtney Slazinik | An online educator with a BIG heart!

Cole Joseph | Ecommerce Genius & Preset creator!

Jared Bauman | A Tester & a Doer!

Jared Platt | The most experienced  of us all!! LR genius & educator

Amy & Jordan | Incredibly lovable husband/wife duo who are Teachers at their core!! Ps. Amy shot the Gray’s session with me and if you ever wanted to see the same shoot by different photographers, check out their blog!! I could get to used to shooting with the sweet Amy Demos! Why do they live so far away?!

xoxo, Katelyn
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