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been in the back of my mind for weeks. With every spring engagement shoot I did I realized that my sister and her fiance’ Joe still hadn’t really had a real engagement shoot. We shot some quick portraits back in the fall, ONE DAY after they got engaged when we drove up to surprise them after our last wedding of the season. They were beautiful pictures! But I hadn’t given Emy any warning and so she didn’t get to pick out outfits or do her hair or pick a location. It was a fast little shoot so that they could get their Save the Dates out but I always wanted to do a real shoot with them in the spring. Well, spring is HERE!

And both of our lives are crazy busy. I had no idea when we were going to make this happen. Then I received an email from Emily’s friend Aicel and she invited me to a surprise shower she was throwing for Emy! So sweet!! Not only was it so thoughtful of her to throw a shower, it was super sweet of her to invite ME! So I looked at the calendar and we decided to make it happen. Michael was such a trooper and drove the whole way up to PA in the torrential downpours during the east coast’s most recent monsoon! I was excited to see Emy but I was also a little bummed because we not only wanted to surprise her at the shower, we wanted to shoot some engagement pictures too! This was our chance!!! So we kept checking the radar and we realized that there was a chance of sunshine in the morning and we spent the night and got up at the crack of dawn! It was gorgeous outside!!!! We were able to walk around downtown West Chester for a good hour and a half before they needed to go to work and it was perfect.

I loved getting to spend this time with Joe and Emy! The next time I see Joe will be the week before the wedding! CRAZY!!! We can’t wait for them to be married! It’s going to be so much fun having a married sister! We realized that the next time we visit them, we’ll all be staying in THEIR apartment! The more time I spend time around them, the more thankful I am for Joe and their relationship. I get teary eyed just thinking about it… how in the world am I going to make it through a toast at the wedding?! ha!

So for those that have been asking, I AM shooting a PORTION of their wedding. I have two wonderful photographer friends assisting me so that I don’t have to feel responsible for everything on my own. :) We’re so excited! Next time you see these two, they’ll be married and posing in the rolling hills of Lexington, VA! Enjoy some of my favorites from their their second impromptu engagement shoot!! You can view the FIRST one here! AND you have to see their PROPOSAL shot by the awesome Zach Wilson! Ok, enough of me bragging about my sister… enjoy!! :)


A quick shot in front of their future apartment! So cute!

Favorite! Hands down! 

Sunlight!! It’s a miracle!

Love finding beautiful buildings like this!


Wow! Fierce!! I wish I inherited this model face!

Joe has the best smile… he’s always so joyful… we love him:)

He also has a KILLER model face!! NICE!

Love this! 

Aww Emy you’re gorgeous!

So thankful we found these blossoms!!!


Haha, love this…

Outfit change!

See what I mean? Joe’s laugh is contagious!

Funny story, these petals weren’t falling, they were stuck to the walls from the monsoon!!

Love this little alley!!

Another favorite!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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