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just have certain features about them that get noticed so easily.  You know the people I’m talking about. It’s the people always get compliments on their hair… or their teeth…. Or their TAN (I definitely don’t get compliments about my TAN… it’s non-existent!).  For me, I guess people notice my hair… that’s probably because it’s ORANGE! It’s something that sets me a part just a little.  For Alyson, it’s her EYES. This girl has some AMAZING eyes and I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize just how big and beautiful they really were until I was all up in her space taking her senior portraits!! When you’re taking portraits of someone and you’re shooting REALLY close, it’s easy

to notice the best features about your model!  After a few shots, I was like “GIRL! Those eyes are amazing!!!” and they are. You just wait and see.  Alyson,  Margeaux and I walked around downtown Richmond and shot her senior portraits a little over a week ago and it was a blast. It was HOTT… but it was fun. Senior portraits are always fun and while I don’t shoot portraits normally, I love shooting them for  the girls in our youth group!! This is my way of being involved in their last phase of high school and there’s nothing greater than a photo shoot with a bunch of girls!  If I let them, these girls would have 15 outfits to wear and would shoot for hours upon hours! It’s just fun and I always love my time with them!


This week is graduation week and we’ll be attending bunch of graduation ceremonies in the evenings. It’s hard to believe that this year has come to an end already!! Gosh time flies!!  Anyway, I loved my time with Marge and Alyson and I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you!!

Look at those eyes!!!

FAVORITE!!!!!! You’re beautiful girl!

You know I love this door!!!

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