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I shoot in the city, the more I come to LOVE RVA. For those in other states or countries, etc…. “RVA” is a nickname for “Richmond, VA”. Michael and I live on the west end of the city in the suburbs and so it’s FUN to head into the city for portraits every now and then. This shoot was a little different than my normal shoots and here is why…. we started at 8AM! Yikes!! For some, that’s not early at all… but for me, it’s a new concept. Shooting that early has always been intimidating to me. I was worried that I wouldn’t feel “awake” enough to be creative!! Well, I happy to share that that wasn’t the case.

I actually LOVED shooting in the morning. We didn’t even start right at sunrise but we still had amazing light and the streets were EMPTY! We started at the Art Museum and I have NEVER seen that place so desolate! It was amazing!! We had the place to ourselves! Steven and Julie are the best! Such a fun, happy couple and I had the privilege of meeting Maddie too (their puppy!!).  We walked around their little part of RVA and shot their engagement pictures in little nooks and crannies that surrounded where they live. Their adorable row house is situated in a perfect for location for this and I’m so glad we decided to shoot there!! It just makes it so much more personal!! So this sunrise shoot will go down as a success in my book! I can’t wait to share some favorites!!

Julie you’re so cute!! Love this one!!

A favorite for sure!!!

Work it!!

Another fav:)

glowy light + a large, white, reflective building = awesome portrait lighting!

Who ever said leaves need to be ON the trees?!


Beautiful ring!! Nice job Steven!!!

Love this one….

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