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the whole “Blogging Early” thing that I teach at my workshops…. I have really failed at that lately! Maybe it’s the wedding season, maybe it’s the packing and moving and closing on a new house… or maybe I just need to get my act together!! :) Whatever the reason, I’m going to try to get these posts up early this week! I think I’m driving Katie crazy with all of her sneak peeks on facebook!! Finally, here’s the post!! I’ve known Katie for the past two years and not only is she a sweet friend, she’s also a fabulous photographer!! She contacted me about doing a anniversary portrait session for her and John’s 2nd

wedding anniversary and while normally I have to say no, I looked at the calendar and I happened to have one open evening and so I said yes! Now, those that have asked for portrait sessions in the past are probably glaring at me through the computer screen. After discussing this with Michael, we’ve decided that we would be able to take on a few portrait sessions for COUPLES only this year if the shoots took place in or around Richmond. We can’t promise that our schedules are going to be super free but the truth is, we love couples. I’m definitely not a family photographer or a newborn photographer but we’re all about marriages and giving couples an experience and images that they will cherish forever. So whew! Glad that’s out there!

So John and Katie couldn’t be more attractive. I knew this was going to be super fun and EASY since she’s a photog and already knows the ropes! Well, not only was it FUN, it was super crafty and unique to them! We started at a donut shop in Carytown because Katie is slightly obsessed with donuts! Then, we headed around town for some festive anniversary pics with her hand crafted pinata! Seriously, she’s so good at this stuff!! We had so much fun and I couldn’t be more excited to share these images with you! Katie and John, happy 2 years!!! yay!! Enjoy!

Seriously? How cute.

Katie you are stunning! Love this one.

So glad she wore the red lipstick!! It totally MAKES this photo!

Rings hanging on a telephone pole? I’m weird, I know:)

Don’t ya love her Pinata!!?


Katie looks a little bit scared… and she has good reason to be… you should ask her about the first attempt at this:) 

Oh this light! It’s hard to get this light on hazy summer days! So thankful we had a few minutes of it for these shots!


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