We're Off the Grid!

  • Dominican in December

technically “off the grid” right now! We have limited internet at the resort but no data access on our phones and you know what? It’s really nice!! Michael and I are with our new friends Justin and Chasity in the Dominican Republic and we’re SO excited to capture their beautiful wedding day tomorrow!! It was crazy to fly in on Wednesday in jeans and a cardigan and then enter a humid, 80 degree climate! I’m all for being in the Dominican in December!!!

Now here’s a pitiful try at a “selfie” on the beach today! I mean come on! We’re photographers and this is the best we could do?! Hair in the face, overexposed, random man in the background?! We must have looked like we needed some help because the bride’s sweet sister came over and took a quick iphone shot of us so that we can remember this fun mini-trip together!! Love work-travel trips these days with my husband!!!

That’s more like it! :)

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