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that isn’t talked about very much but every bride has to make the “veil” decision! It’s a BIG deal and can really determine a bride’s overall “Look”! The fun part is that a bride can change it up if she wants! I wore two different veils on my wedding day and I LOVED it. I had a vintage (handmade) birdcage veil during our First Look and portraits.  Then we went to the church and I put on my longer veil to walk down the aisle. Because I switched veils I had two different “looks” and what bride doesn’t want to have two “looks”…. it’s like playing dress up!…. Only it’s for real!!! I’ve shot several weddings where the bride either changes from

her long veil to a birdcage veil or a fun hairpiece. It’s a simple detail that can really give you a lot of variety in your images! It’s something to consider! Etsy wins the award for the best variety of hairpieces. The vintage peacock hairpiece that I wanted was $80 and I was like  “Um, no thank you, I’ll make that.”…. and I did! For $14!  A piece of advice for brides…. it’s YOUR wedding day and if you’re nervous about doing DIY projects in fear that they won’t turn out well…. just go for it! Making my veil was a little nerve-racking at first but I ended up loving it and saving a ton of money! So if you’re a bride looking for a fun way to spice up your portraits…. add a fun hairpiece and you’ll have a totally different look all together! Here are some examples of what I’m talking about!

And here are a few shots from OUR WEDDING!!!! woohoo!!! I still get excited!!!! Here’s my DIY Birdcage veil!

Changed it up!

xoxo, Katelyn
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