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times. Weddings are overwhelming to plan! They just are. It’s easy to get frustrated and just not care about the little details. However, sometimes completing really simple tasks can be a GREAT way to motivate a bride! This project takes 3 minutes and it would add SO much to a centerpiece!! AND the best part is that if someone was to make these Doilie cups for their whole reception, it probably wouldn’t cost more than $15!!!! Crazy! So enjoy today’s SIMPLE DIY wedding project! If you noticed, this is a “PART 1” post, so there will be another “Doilie Detail” post coming one day soon!!

So all I used for this project were two different sized doilies, scissors and some doublesided tape! You just simply cut the embellished border off and tape the two ends together and wa-la! You have an adorable doilie cup to display flowers in or candles or pearls…. the ideas are endless! So if you’re planning a wedding and you don’t want just plain tealights around your centerpieces, consider this option!! Ps. I totally didn’t come up with this idea on my own… Pinterest gets some credit for this one!

Quick note! If you want your doilie cups to be stronger, simply spray them with aerosol glue. The glue will dry and harden and the cup will be able to hold much more!



xoxo, Katelyn
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