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Like most wedding days, everything was a few minutes behind schedule. It’s amazing how FAST time flies on your big day! 20 minutes seems like 5! Becca somehow managed to get ready in record time (of course it doesn’t take much to get her ready, she’s just naturally drop dead gorgeous!).  She got in her dress, hugged her momma goodbye and we headed to her First Look with Hunter. Becca explained to me a few weeks before the wedding day that she had been writing letters to Hunter since they started dating (4 years ago!) and she wanted him to read one before he saw her. Perfect. I love stuff like this!! Maybe it’s because I’m a girl… or maybe it’s because I did the EXACT same thing for Michael!

So I got Hunter ready and in place and then handed him his journal. I explained that he needed to read the letter she had written to him for their wedding day and that I would be back in a few minutes with his bride.  Talk about a build up!!! Becca came around the corner and Hunter was literally BEAMING. You just wait until you see the pictures, you’ll agree.  She was stunning. So elegant and such a natural beauty!! I was PUMPED! The excitement from their first look alone was enough to carry me through the whole day!!!


It was a perfect 75 degrees, sunny and picture perfect! My sister helped me out since I had a double decker this weekend and it was my first one of the year! I can’t thank her ENOUGH! And I can’t thank Becca enough for being AWESOME.  Seriously, I’m SO thankful that at this stage in my business I am attracting brides that could literally be my best friends! They love what I love and they will do anything for some amazing portraits! Her timeline was wonderful and it was a photographer’s dream! So Hunter and Becca, THANK YOU for allowing me  to document this amazing day. Your story, your personalities and your love for one another just melts my heart and I’m actually sad that this journey is over. I have loved getting to know you two this year!! Enjoy your honeymoon and this MASSIVE blog post!!! xoxo


I think she’s excited…. just a little.

so beautiful!!


You don’t get moments like these at the end of the aisle:)

So happy:)



Work it girl! You look amazing!

The picture on the right is for Hunter:). He was thrilled that we found a pitchfork of sorts. haha

Please notice the air guitar….



Beware… lots of details coming your way!! Becca must have worked like a mad woman!

Handmade silverware holders!

so cute! for the kids!

Who thinks to make the hand sanitizer cute?! 

A legacy table… 

Some evening portraits!

The light was perfect!

Hahaha See that silly string coming straight towards the camera? Oh it got me! Right in the face! haha (It’s better than being burned by sparklers!)

Ceremony & Reception | Frontier Culture Museum
Dress | Bella Rosa
Event Planner | Sheila Pleskonko at Divine Events
Hair and Makeup |
DJ | King Studios
Cake | Cakes By Cathy Stewart
Catering | Hanks Smokehouse
Bridesmaids Dresses | Nordstrom
Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse
Kenneth Cole Pants
Shirt: Saddlebred from Belk
Suspenders from Mens Emporium
Favors | Granola made by Groom’s mother
Honeymoon | Playa Mujeres, Mexico
xoxo, Katelyn
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