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to hear people talk about different weddings that they see on the blog. Sometimes they can’t remember the couple’s names so they refer to weddings like this: “Oh you know, the “Blue Truck Wedding!”… referring to Lauryn and Jared’s wedding.  And then some people say, “Well I liked the Cardigan” wedding… referring to Ali and Manny! So I think it’s about time that I join in and start labeling weddings too! Joseph and Casey’s will definitely be the “Flower” wedding. There were flowers EVERYWHERE! It was their theme and I loved it!  Wildflowers filled their centerpieces and DIY paper flowers covered the reception! It took a lot of hard work to prepare and it was worth all



the effort! Guests left with a little packet of seeds to take home and grow on their own. It was such a fun way tie everything together! So enough about the details, let me tell you about this couple!


Joseph and Michael became friends a couple of years ago when Michael was living in NC.  I remember Michael saying, “Oh you need to meet Hamby, we’re like the same person!”.  Michael refers to Joseph as “Hamby” and so it was really hard for me to decide what to call him throughout the whole wedding day! Michael and Hamby hit it off and it seemed like every time I would call, Michael was with him. After Michael moved back to VA and we got engaged, it was no surprise that he asked Hamby to be one of his groomsmen! It’s crazy that less than a year later, the roles have been reversed. Michael was a groomsman last weekend for Hamby and Casey’s North Carolina Wedding. We drove down last friday and had an awesome two days with old friends as we celebrated with this great couple.  It’s not very often that I get to attend a rehearsal dinner and just enjoy being there. I loved it! The room was full of people that love and care about these two so much.  One by one, different friends stood up and explained exactly why they love and respect both Joseph and Casey so much.  I think the words “Genuine”, “Amazing Friends” and “Respect” were used at least 100 times! It’s evident that these two are truly loved and cared for so deeply!!


Casey and Joseph are an incredible couple. They love the Lord and love their friends so  so much. As I walked around their reception and saw some familiar faces, I couldn’t help be think about how awesome that little community is Boiling Springs, NC.  Michael and I are so thankful for his one year that he spent there. We met some of the most amazing people and formed some incredible friendships! It was such an honor to capture this amazing day ! Casey and Hamby, I hope Jamaica is absolutely amazing!!!! Enjoy a TON of my favorites and thank you for allowing Michael and I to celebrate alongside of you!!!



Girl you need to stop all this gorgeous-ness! Seriously! So classy!!

  Looking GOOD Hamby!!!!


So awesome.

This was their first attempt at the “Model face”… SO GOOD. I was so impressed!


Michael’s shot below!! SO GOOD!!! One of my favorites!


Ohh Goodness!!! Loving this!


I’m not really a “jumping shot” kind of photographer… but I loved this.. so I had to share it!… AND my husband is in it, along with two other past KJP grooms!!

Casey’s dad did communion with the couple… so awesome:)

First KISS EVER!!!!! Ahh!!!


Kissy pictures!! Woop woop!

Casey teach me how to make these!!!!!

Recognize some of these couples?! Yup, they’ve been on the blog before! And then there’s the Grandpa showing off his sweet moves!!

Casey made these cones from old HYMNALS! So cool!

They threw fruity pebbles! …. If I was Joseph, I would have had my mouth open too! I love cereal!

 Dress | David’s Bridal

Florals | Boiling Springs Florist

Ceremony/Reception | Flint Hill Baptist Church

Hair | Trendsetters Salon and Gift Gallery

Catering | Celebrations and More, LLC

Groomsmen Attire | Jcrew

Favors | Handmade

Honeymoon | Jamaica!


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