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you’re thinking that I’ve gone crazy.  I’ll probably get a few emails saying “Pssst… Katelyn… It’s TUESDAY!  NOT WEDNESDAY!”. I realize this, really, I do.  However, because of some little technical difficulties this week, my blogging was thrown off. So TODAY is Wedding Wednesday and we’re pretending tomorrow is Tuesday. Ok? Ok! And tomorrow…(Tuesday) I have a post you’re going to LOVE. Promise! It’s worth the wait!  So this Wedding Wednesday on Tuesday is for the bridesmaids that are in charge of throwing a bridal shower. That’s a big job when you’ve never done one before. I’m actually in the process of planning a

baby shower and so this is where this idea came from! There are so many fun and EASY ways to make a shower extra unique.  One way is to stick gummie bears in an ice cube tray, let them freeze and wa-la! You have colorful and bright drinks for your event! The hardest part about this little project is convincing your husband that this is a good idea. The ice cubes get a little sticky and sugary but really, how hard is it to clean out an ice cube tray?! This little accent cost about $3 and look how much more interesting these drinks look! And don’t be fooled… this is just apple juice! Imagine these cubes with pink lemonade or any other colorful cocktail. It’s just a fun idea I saw on pinterest... of course… and I thought I would give it a shot! So happy WEDDING WEDNESDAY everyone and thanks for humoring me as I adjust my blogging schedule and spend my day on the phone with technical support. Don’t we all love technical support lines?! Um, that would be a big N-O!  Lord give me patience.

xoxo, Katelyn
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