• Britt + Katie | Day After Session

mentioned in an email that she and Britt were thinking about doing a day-after session. They wanted to get in the water and take some shots in the boat and I thought “Oh that would be fun!”…. And then I read this line: “I really want to water ski  in my wedding dress.”  Wait WHAT?! This is amazing. I’ve had some people talk about doing crazy things like this but most couples don’t follow through because after the wedding, LIFE starts and things get busy. However, Katie and Britt were determined to make this happen and they got up early and met me at the lake. I was tired after their wedding and I know they had to be exhausted


but you can’t tell from these pictures! These two blew me away. They were up for anything and I heard one of them mention “We have been looking forward to THIS almost more than the wedding!!!!” Ha! True water skiers. They love this stuff! They love the water and this is their “happy place”. So of course this was something that they had been looking forward to!  After I heard that comment I said something like “Ohhh gosh, no pressure!!!”. I’m NOT a sports photographer and will probably never be one. So I’ll admit, I was a little nervous! Having a bride and groom that are about to jump off a dock in their wedding attire doesn’t happen everyday and they needed awesome pictures of this!! Well, I’m happy to announce that we have several shots in focus and not over exposed. (thank goodness!) I’m thrilled that Katie and Britt have these images to remember their awesome weekend by! I hope you all enjoy them and just to let you know, dresses do come clean! I’ve seen it done SO many times! So no worries there!

Love it.


Canvas? I think yes.

Katie you couldn’t be cuter. This is perfect.

How awesome are these boots Britt gave her?!

Are you ready for this?!! Emy thank you for grabbing this shot from the dock!!!

Yup, this really happened and it was awesome!

This NEEDS to be in their home somewhere HUGE!

Now I am not by ANY means a SPORTS photographer. No way! Not even close! So don’t judge these next few!

A Favorite! Impressive Britt! I know nothing about “good form” or anything sports related actually… but this made for an awesome shot! Thanks for doing something crazy the day after your wedding!!!:)

And we’ll end with the “Hooray We’re MARRIED!” shot! Katie and Britt and ALL of your family, I hope you enjoyed these!! What an amazing weekend you had!



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