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This is an exciting post for me to share! It’s exciting not only because it includes a gorgeous waterfall, but because these two are a part of our family!! Will is one of Michael’s cousins and he’s getting married this summer to Lauren!! They are both aerospace engineers and met through their jobs. We were so excited for Will when he got a great job offer in New England but now, it’s obvious that there was more waiting for him in New England than just a job…. he met his future wife!

Michael and I flew up to Connecticut on Saturday morning. The 3:30am wakeup call for this pregnant girl wasn’t my favorite but it was all worth it as soon as I saw how amazing these two looked standing in front of the waterfall at location #1!! We loved our time with Will and Lauren. It was too short but it was incredibly productive! We captured beautiful images at two different locations and even though it was below freezing, we still had a blast! Lauren nearly froze to death but you can’t tell in these pictures!!

We ended our night with dinner together and it was the highlight of our time with them. Life doesn’t always allow us to spend quality time with family members who live long distance and so we loved getting a chance to catch up. We talked about everything from their wedding plans, to work, to church and even the possibility of potentially adding a fur baby to their family in the future! It’s fun for Michael and I to think back to our puppy days. Some of you probably remember when Bokeh Boy was our entire world and he even had his own category on the blog!! Those days have evolved into the baby season but we loved that newlywed season and I’m excited for Will and Lauren to enter into it so soon!!

I have no doubt that God has beautiful plans for these two. They are both brilliant, compassionate and kind. It’s exciting to think of all that they will do together as a team!! I hope you enjoy my favorite images below! And as you scroll through these, imagine being in front of a camera in freezing temperatures and trying to look natural while you’re actually freezing! Thankfully, the next time these two will be in front of my camera, it will be A LOT warmer!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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