December 2012

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I have to give credit to my new friend Sarah who was a part of last month’s coaching session. She took this picture of me and I think it’s hilarious because that’s how I feel today!! It’s a good day but gosh, how in the world am I going to get all of my STUFF done!!! ah!! This is the down season… but lets face it, the “down” season is when you have to prepare for the busy season. The BIG projects that have been left undone for WAY too long need to get accomplished on weeks like these!! Ahem*…. the BRIDAL GUIDE. You guys probably think that the “Bridal Guide” project is just something  I’m making up because it’s literally been in the works for what?

….over a YEAR?!! YIKES!!  Well, it DOES exist and he’s a little sneak peak of one of the spreads JUST to prove that it really is going to come to life one day!!

Ok so HELLO DECEMBER!!! Where did you come from?!! Last month was a blur! We had a few weddings, a ton of engagements, a workshop, a youth retreat and on top of all of that, Michael and I are working on a massive personal project that I’ll have to share sometime soon! Plus! I performed in 5 shows of Jazz Nativity this past weekend and did specials on TV & radio last week. It’s been fun!!! I’m SO thankful that my voice held out and was nice and strong for all 5 shows! And if you know about my voice issue, you’ll realize that having a voice for 5 performances is a MIRACLE for me!! Yay!!! (I’ll share Jazzy pictures soon!)


So here’s what December holds for us personally:

– CHRISTMAS!!! DUH!!! I’m so excited to be going home again!! There’s nothing like it! We’ll celebrate, hang out in the hot tub, eat a ton of food and then watch football (even though I never EVER actually watch any of it!).

– A winter hangout with some married friends from college during new years! woopwoop!!! Can’t wait!

– Down time… time to watch our shows and snuggle with our puppy!!


And for the business:

– Shooting a friend’s wedding at the end of the month! Can’t WAIT!!

– Helping plan for a marriage retreat for photogs happening next spring! (More details to come)

– Planning a spring workshop!

– A new blog launch!

– Teaching at a local high school AND at CNU this week!!


GOALS! Dun dun dun…… :

– Give thoughtful, budget friendly Christmas gifts! This means planning ahead and having time to make them happen!!

– Send out Christmas cards… like SOON!

– Finish the BIG BRANDING projects in December : New blog, New Website, Update photographer’s site, etc.

– Dream about next year and our GOALS for the teaching side of my business… come up with a plan!

– Do a “End of the Year Review”…. this was SO helpful last year!!!!





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