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I’m starting to notice a pattern. Every time I show up at Yorktown for an engagement session, it ends up that the couples are from CNU and I totally recognize them from campus! I just never make those connections through email! I totally recognized SaraLynn and she then introduced me to her fiance Daniel. I knew it would be a fun session when the first place we started shooting, they couldn’t stop laughing! I reassured them that they were doing EXACTLY what I needed them to do in order to capture genuine images.  Being able to laugh at each other is key… even if it’s making fun of one another, I don’t care! It works and it shows personality like nothing else! So Daniel and SaraLynn, thanks for laughing and being an AWESOME couple to work with! You’re fabulous and I just know your wedding is going to be fabulous as well! Goodluck and Best wishes!

Ps. I recently discovered, thanks to JasmineStar, a HUGE blogging time saver. *Photographers if you are an avid blogger and have a problem blogging too many images like I do.. you NEED BlogStomp! Check it out! But beware, it could be very dangerous. I’m saving so much time I could easily blog 100 images each post!

Oh gosh I just love this! I really have nothing against their faces, I just think there is something about this one that makes it look old and rustic and I like it!

This is a fav.

No idea who’s car that is…but it was awfully nice of them to let us use it! We didn’t touch it! promise.

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