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I spent a few days with these wonderful people down in Boiling Springs, NC.  They are all on staff for Crossroads summer camp and needless to say, they’re having sooo much fun.  I’m jealous! Not that I’m not having fun but who wouldn’t love to spend a month working with kids and sharing life with a ton of AWESOME people?! Just to clarify, I didn’t just pick a random camp and start following the staff around.

This is the amazing ministry that my boyfriend Michael has been interning with all year and this month, my younger sister Emy is down there working staff.  Again, I’m jealous.  However, I love getting to visit and I’m thankful for a couple days to get away and be around fabulous people who love crazy high school and middle school kids and who love each other so genuinely.  They are doing incredible things for the Lord!

Of course I had to post some pics from our night out in Charlotte! Here are the beautiful Crossroads ladies…

People all the way in the parking garage could probably here Erin’s laugh… it’s THAT loud.  haha I love it!

and the gentlemen….I kinda have a thing for the one in the teal shorts:)

Gotta’ throw the couple’s pics in there!

Aw I love couples! If my battery hadn’t died I would have taken pictures of every couple in the Cheesecake Factory! the light was so good!:)

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