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the wedding industry is so inspiring sometimes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting my issue of Southern Weddings and being inspired by awesome, new and unique ideas. One part of wedding planning that most brides don’t think about are the little things… like accents.  You may have a GREAT floral display in your head but if you have no accents and little details to go with it, you may find that the centerpiece is missing a little something! This happened to me yesterday! I was starting the huge task of finalizing our centerpieces and I realized they just weren’t complete.  I squinted and walked around them and stared for an extended

amount of time and something was off!  There was something missing that needed to finish off the look… it was my accents.  Luckily, I had ordered a BOX…. and I mean a HUGE box of MOSS!!!  Moss saved the day! I can’t wait for you to see them! Soon enough! 18 days!! woopwoop!  Anywayyy….sometimes the most random things can make for the best accents! Connie, my bride from this past weekend, used COFFEE BEANS! Not only did they smell amazing, it was a unique and budget friendly way to complete her “look”! I loved it! So brides, as you continue to plan and prepare, be sure to think about what little accents you’re going to use to make your day unique! For Michael and I, we are using lace and pearls! So vintage and old… I’m pumped!!!  Happy Wednesday!

xoxo, Katelyn
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