• A Surprise Proposal at Crabtree Falls

Caroline and I have grown up together. We literally have stories of the two of us in the nursery together…. and she used to bite me! Thankfully, we out grew that phase very quickly and we were best buds! I would spend the night at their house and she would come over and play as often as our moms would let us get together!! We have so many amazing memories together and I’m about to share with you one of my favorite memories to date!!!

Several weeks prior to May 15th, I received a call from a number that I didn’t recognize. I rarely answer those calls but this time I decided to and sure enough, I knew that voice. It was Brandon. As soon as I realized who it was, I knew what was happening and I started squealing like a middle school girl!!! I’ve been praying for my sweet friend to find her husband for years and every time we would talk about relationships and dating, I would always remind her that when she finds “the one”, it’s not going to be up to her to make it happen. God has all of those things in his hands and he had one incredible guy waiting for her!

Brandon and I chatted and texted about the location, the weather and the game plan. We were all set to photograph the proposal! Michael decided to REALLY get into it and he made a pit stop at Walmart and bought us our very own CAMO! ha!! I made fun of this decision but it turned out to be a GENIUS idea because we were INVISIBLE in the woods!!

Michael and I booked it up the mountain so that we could be there before they arrived! I was so nervous! Proposals make me freak out a little!! I found a perfect little hiding spot and we WAITED. Brandon and Caroline made their way up the mountain and as soon as brandon dropped to one knee, I started crying. I was shooting but oh man, my exposure was all over the place because of my emotional state!! Michael captured the BEST images from this proposal and I’m SO thankful that he was there!!

Caroline SREAMED when she realized that I was taking pictures in the woods and I was still a mess!! We hugged and cried some more. God is so good. She obviously said YES and we made our way back down the mountain. However, we had ZERO cell service and so our families were waiting to celebrate at a local brewery and they had NO IDEA where we were. So, once we hit a 3G area, we were all flooded with texts that read “Are you guys ok?! Did she say YES?!”. haha We were ok…. we just took our sweet time coming down the mountain because we were so excited AND there were some gorgeous waterfalls to take pictures with! Enjoy some of my favorites from this fun day!!

We are so excited for these two and their 2016 fall wedding that is going to be here before we know it!!! Love you Brandon and Caroline!! Congratulations!!!!

PS. This first image is of Michael in his “spot!” Look closely, he’s pretty much invisible! 😃

hahaha! This is CLASSIC CAROLINE! She saw someone taking pictures but she didn’t know it was ME until this shot! haha YAY CAMO!

xoxo, Katelyn
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