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all are going to think that I’m transitioning into just an “Anniversary” photographer with all of these shoots this week! The truth is, I don’t normally shoot many of these at all…. so when I do, it’s a real treat!! It was an extra special treat this time around because I was photographing some dear friends of mine!! I’ve known Anna FOREVER…. like since I was born! And Justin came into our lives many years back. He fits in so seamlessly with our friends and family that it’s hard to remember that I haven’t known him for a lifetime!

So, some of you may know Anna from her event planning business! I have worked with Anna for YEARS now and so when my sister got engaged, it was a no brainer… Anna had to coordinate the wedding day… no one else can do it like she does!! Anna is just amazing at handling stress, working through timelines, etc. My sister’s wedding was absolutely perfect and we’re so grateful that we had Anna there to make it happen!! So back to this shoot! Justin and Anna met me at my house on Tuesday and we did a beautiful little anniversary shoot before we lost the sunlight for the evening. It was the perfect night for this. You’ll see in a second that we had some gorgeous light to work with and just to make it even BETTER, these two totally remembered ALL of the posing instructions I gave them at their wedding four years ago! It may have been a little while since I had had the chance to photograph Anna and Justin but it felt like we were just shooting their engagement session as soon as we started. They are the type of friends that you can just pick up where you left off immediately and I love that about them!

I hope you all love this adorable little anniversary shoot and if you’re a Doberman lover, you’re in for a treat! I have to be honest, every since the movie “Beethoven”, I have had a strange fear of Doberman’s but Roger and Red totally changed my opinion of their breed! They are the sweetest dogs…. they are just A LOT of dog! I can’t imagine having a 100lb animal running around of house!! I can only handle 12 pounds of Bokeh! …. But Justin and Anna LOVE them and it was only appropriate that they snuck in a few pictures with them as well!! Enjoy the shoot!!

Sweet pups! 

So cute!!

Look at this LIGHT!!! Wow!!

Such pros! You remember it all!!

Loved this one!!

Love this one! 

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