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there were some people that we saw everyday. My roommates, our neighbors, etc. There were also some friends that we only saw every now and then because of the age difference, class schedules and living arrangements. Michael and I have been friends with Mary Margaret and Tim since college but because I wasn’t in Young Life, I didn’t get to see them very often. We share all of the same friends and I have always thought to myself “Gosh, they’re super cute together…. I wonder when they’re getting engaged!!”. Well, the proposal happened this summer and their getting married this winter in the most adorable location!!

Tim and Mary Margaret live in North Carolina and so our schedules are hard to coordinate for engagement pictures. We realized that we would both be in town for Brendan and Jenna’s big day and so we made it happen at the crack of dawn on Saturday! After hanging out with them that morning, I regretted that we didn’t hang out more in college because they’re so much fun! I’m just so honored and so excited to be a part of their day and I love that we’ll have so many friends there! Friend’s weddings are the BEST!!!

We shot these sunrise portraits around Goochland near our new house and I have to say that morning light may be one of my new favorites things! :) Enjoy my favorites!!!

That light?! It was heavenly!! 

You guys are the cutest! Such great smiles!!

How awesome is her hair?! 

A favorite!

And they said they weren’t good at the “model face”…. I beg to differ:)

Love these!!

Mary Margaret loves RED… ruby red to be exact and I have to say that after editing these pictures, I may even like ruby red too! The colors she picked for their outfits were awesome!!

Ha! I think this was an “in between poses” shot but I loved it! :) 


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