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  • Anniversary + Maternity Shoot

You may be thinking “I didn’t think that Katelyn did maternity sessions!” and you would be correct. However, long story short, this is a very special exception to that rule because we had booked an anniversary session with these two and then it worked out perfectly to show off Jackie’s perfect bump at the same time! :) We have had to say no to so many anniversary and maternity sessions for so long because I was pregnant or because we just haven’t had enough time in our schedule to squeeze in extra shoots.

We’re thankful that we had an hour to spare and that these two came to our property to make it possible!  We couldn’t have asked for better light or a better evening! It was the perfect night for a session, and the glow at the end of the day did not disappoint! This was a dream of a session for Jackie and we were happy to be able to make it a reality!

As I scroll through these images I can’t help but remember being pregnant with Evy and wondering what it would be like to have a little person enter into our lives. Nothing could have prepared me for the joy that we were about to experience. Taking these portraits felt so different after experiencing pregnancy myself and I loved it!  I don’t miss not being able to see my feet or the sleepless nights and indigestion, but I do miss feeling her move and kick inside of me. It’s just such a miracle and a precious season that deserves to be captured! I hope that one day MJ and Jackie’s sweet baby girl will love seeing these portraits of her momma and daddy together before she was born!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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