• Ancient Corinth, Greece

about this later because it happened the most in Venice….. but I have trouble walking in pretty places.  I try to take pictures AS I’m walking and I end up tripping over small boulders and missing steps. I just want to say thank you to Michael for yelling “step!” and “people coming Katelyn!” in order to save me from huge embarrassment. So as you look through these images from the amazing Ancient city of Corinth, try to visualize Katelyn tripping over stones and almost running into other tourists that didn’t speak English…. it was quite a sight to see.  Anyway, Corinth was awesome. We were tired on this day because it was the last

stop and we had to be up super earlier to get on the bus.  However, I am NOT complaining because we got to see more of the beautiful countryside of Greece and I loved it! We took a ride through the famous Corinthian Canal and then spent some time at the ruins from the ancient city! I know all of these columns are starting to look the same….they look the same to me too! But if you think about just how OLD these things are and that men built this without any heavy machines are tools, its pretty impressive!  The next post will be the last honeymoon post…. I think:) but get excited… because it’s Venice Part II! Woohoo!

Aw look at him… carrying my purse that weighed 35 lbs…..he’s a keeper:)

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