Corey’s Surprise

  • Corey's Surprise

There is no limit with my family and surprises. I am convinced that my momma and daddy would do practically anything to get the “shock” factor out of any of us three. This time the surprise was all Corey’s! He had no idea what hit him when daddy woke him up for school at 6am and we were all getting up too! Because I normally stay up until the crack of dawn and then arise right before lunch, Corey knew I wasn’t just getting up for the heck of it.We quickly had to explain to him that we were taking him somewhere and it was a surprise! We’ve kept this surprise a secret since March! We bought tickets to see Wicked on Broadway!! Yes, this was my second time but I would see it again in a heartbeat! IT’S THAT GOOD!  We also surprised him with a tour of the “Intrepid”.  This is an old aircraft carrier that has been turned into a museum and Corey was in heaven! There were planes EVERYWHERE!

The day started early, REALLY early…especially for me. Did you know it’s extremely pretty when the sun rises?!

6 hour car ride! Wouldn’t you love to be stuck in the backseat with her!?

He looks so old!!!

I look so tired!

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