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People at school give me a hard time for having such a soft spot in my heart for my little brother. They may be correct that I over-do it when I talk about how wonderful he is.  I can imagine that it probably gets old to others that have to listen to me brag about him but I don’t care.  He deserves to be bragged about.  Corey would never be one to say he’s good at golf or admit that he comes up with pretty sweet projects. (ie: building a golf course in the front yard (w/sandtrap!) or building a puttputt course in his room!…or building a handmade bridge for his 4wheeler to cross the creek!) He’s so creative and it’s neat to see him be creative in a way that’s so different from me.  He has the heart of a servant (which he gets from watching daddy) and he’s growing to be such a respectable man because of that. I just love him and he’s the best little brother around! Corey I’m proud of you!

I figured since we’ve had several “hokie” posts from Emy, we should give Corey a special post! It helps that I also had some sweet golfing pics to share! (Emy, you’re not off the hook…you’ll have a sister post one day too!)


Oh I love this one! Look at all the curves!!

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