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Our Contemporary Farmhouse

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We have had so many requests to share our house plans and so today is the day! We can’t share high-res, super detailed plans simply because plans and designs cost money, and we don’t want to get in trouble with our architect and draftsmen! You may have heard us share on our pregnancy announcement video that we are building the SAME HOUSE that we built 3.5 years ago. Before you think we’re crazy, let me explain our thought process. So first of all, our house didn’t sell for over 10 months. We thought that we would be building over a year ago, but God had different plans!

This meant that I had a VERY long time to think about plans and do my research. We looked online…. I searched the design books at Barnes and Noble… I searched online some MORE. I researched to the point where I had seen over 3,000 house plans and NONE of them were what we wanted. We loved our old house. Sure, it wasn’t a custom build and there were things that didn’t work super well for workshops and events… but we did love it! So we had this crazy idea. After searching through thousands of plans, we finally started talking about the possibility of building THE SAME HOUSE.

Our friends thought we were crazy, but honestly, this has turned out to be one of the BEST decisions we have made in this entire process. Why? Because we knew what we LOVED and we knew what we needed to change. We knew where light switches should go and where we already needed outlets. We knew what rooms needed to be expanded and what rooms weren’t important. We knew where to add on and where to save money. Basically, we took a house that we loved and lived in for 2.5 years, and we tweaked it to be exactly what we needed it to be. This new house was designed for hosting and serving. From the kitchen layout, to the bedrooms, to the way we designed the mudroom… it all has a purpose.

Below you’ll see the floor plans and you’ll first see the front exterior elevation of the house. This is just a BEFORE and AFTER of the changes we made while we waited for our old house to sell. Honestly, that was the greatest blessing in disguise. We had so much time to tweak these plans! If you look below, the first rendering looks beautiful, but it’s definitely not a “farmhouse”. We raised the pitch of all of the rooflines and that made a HUGE difference in the style and spacing of the windows, and then we removed the stone (and saved thousands) and added board and batten with some shake accents!

LATHER Model (1)

As you glance over this first floor layout, we tried to make it easier to read while also covering up all of the tiny details that would just confuse everyone. House plans are so in-depth and complicated!! A lot has changed to theses plans since we started in May, but the general layout is still the same! The fun thing is, because of all of the small changes we’ve made, everyone who has visited this new house while it’s under construction has said “It looks SO different from your old house!” and that’s what we love to hear!!! We’ve worked hard to add some unique changes to this house so that it didn’t feel like we were doing the same thing over again.

The reality is, this house plan and this entire process has come together just how it needed to. We wondered why we had to wait almost a year to sell our house and now we know. There was so much purpose in the timing, and we’re so thankful for this amazing blessing. We did our gender reveal INSIDE of the house, back when the drywall had just gone up, and I got teary just seeing people in our space. The house was so unfinished and far from ideal for a gathering, but we threw some plastic tables up and we all ate pizza together in our future home. We can’t wait to share this space with others…. but until that day comes… here’s a peak at what it will look like!

LATHER Model (1) farmhouse-floorplans_4358


She’s a work in progress!! Only about 4 more weeks to go until we get to call her HOME and MOVE IN!!!! YAYYY!!!!! Follow @ahomemadeforhosting for more updates!!


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— Katelyn

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