• Compromise

When I think of compromise, my first thought normally refers back to high school shopping trips with momma.  The dressing room experience always starts off with a mound of clothes (that I don’t need in the first place) and then piece by piece it dwindles down to a “keeper” pile and a “I don’t need it but I LOVE it” pile! After trying everything on at least 4 times each, coming out and modeling it for motherly approval, and then giving my pitch about why I REALLY do need a 17th pair of jeans, the end results in a compromise. Momma always brings my sister and I back to reality during our shopping sprees!

I’ve learned that compromise not only takes place in American Eagle and J Crew….. it’s constantly taking place in my relationship with Michael. Compromise is especially evident when your relationship is spread 7 hours apart! Michael and I will be the first to admit that distance CAN make the heart grow fonder but it can also make the heart impatient, irritable, and frustrated! haha  However, as hard as it can be, It’s been such a great time of learning for the two of us. We have had to learn how to compromise in so many ways for each other. The way our schedules just don’t match up and how hard it can be to find time for a phone call is so irritating but it is teaching us how to love each other selflessly and sacrificially. So as much as I would like him back in the good ol’ state of VA, I’m thankful for this time apart and for how we’re growing together!

This Valentine’s day had to be compromised as well. We celebrated a week early! Michael took me out to Berrett’s, an amazing seafood place in Colonial Williamsburg. It was wonderful. We’ve celebrated 6 Valentines together and he never ceases to surprise me.  This year wasn’t a dozen roses in the seat of my car in the highschool parking lot, a mixed CD of “our songs” (that was year 1!), or an engraved Tiffany’s bracelet (LOvE that thing!)….. it was waking up to find that he had gotten up early to get me a starbucks and put it beside my bed.;) It may not seem like any big thing but it means the world to me. So Michael, thank you for loving me the way you do and for being my best friend. Thank you for your patience with me and dealing with my crazy, whirlwind of a schedule. I never want to do this without you. Happy “late” Valentines Day!!!

* It just so happens that this was the first outing with the new Marks II! So of course, I made him model! I think he’s coming to accept the fact that he’s dating a photographer and he’ll forever be a model! haha*

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