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My brother is 6 years younger than me and so when I was twelve and entering into those teenage years, he still seemed like a baby to me! Corinne grew up with us and she’s Corey’s age and so when I think about the idea of my baby brother and his friends getting married, my first thought is “Aren’t they still teenagers?!” but they aren’t! Corinne is the same age I was when I got engaged… and suddenly it hits me. I’m getting OLD!!

Corinne and the rest of the Beale family live just a mile down a country road from our parent’s house. The Sparta creek (Maracossic Creek) runs behind our house and travels up to their property eventually. It was a fun place to grow up. I didn’t realize how much I loved having family friends like this until I was removed from it. That’s why it’s so much fun to go back home and be a part of yet ANOTHER Beale family wedding! You met Anna and Justin  YEARS ago and then you met Katie and Tyler (remember ALASKA  and MAINE?!) and now you’re meeting Sean and Corinne!!

These two are the sweetest. They met down at CNU (our alma mater!!) and ever since I saw pictures of Sean and Corinne popping up here and there, I had a feeling this guy was going to be a permanent part of the family! I absolutely loved walking around Carytown with these two and photographing their engagement session. It was hot but they were dedicated!!! :) Enjoy getting to know these dear friends of ours and get excited because their wedding is right around the corner!!!

Gosh, these two are so cute!!

Loved this one! We may or may not have had some whistling from a car driving by during this shot. People are crazy… but hey! I love Corinne’s laugh because of it!

One of my favorites!

Hit the jackpot with this ivy!

Loving Corinne’s mint pants!

Oh I love this!!!!

Corinne! You’re gorgeous!!!!

And then, once we were done, we found THIS!!!! WHAT? What an old gem!


xoxo, Katelyn
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