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emailed me with a strange request. I’m used to boyfriends, fiance’s and husbands purchasing coaching sessions for their significant others but this one was different. Kevin emailed and asked if I would consider adding one more coaching date to my calendar for his girlfriend Erika. This month was a super busy one for us and so my initial reaction was “Well maybe we could make this work later in the summer!”…. and then I read the rest of his email. He explained that Erika was a big fan and she has been pursuing photography for a while now. She loved the blog and my business and it would be a dream come true to have a coaching session with me.

Of course I was so honored… but then he continued! He went on to say that he also wanted to use this opportunity to PROPOSE!  Erika would begin her “headshot” portion of the day but before I focused on just her, I would begin taking a few images of the two of them as a couple and the magic would happen! Well, of course, we searched the calendar high and low to find a time to make this happen.  Kevin surprised Erika with the coaching session on Thursday night and they were in Richmond on Saturday morning! Erika’s coaching session that morning was awesome but in the back of my mind I kept thinking… “She has NO idea what’s about to hit her!!!”.

After lunch we headed down to the Church Hill area of Richmond where I knew it wouldn’t be super crowded.  Kevin and Erika were positioned in front of my camera and after I fiddled with my settings, I said “Alright! Let’s get started!”.  Kevin then turned to Erika and started explaining that before they took their portraits, he needed to tell her just how much she meant to him. As soon as he turned to her and started talking, she knew what was about to happen. Her eyes were big and her elbows were locked in anticipation! Kevin got down on one knee and before I knew it, she was crying, they were hugging and she had an AMAZING diamond on her left hand!!!

This was by FAR the easiest proposal I have ever shot because I was supposed to be there! It all worked out so perfectly and it was SUCH an honor to be a part of this special moment in their lives and document it forever!! So enjoy some of my favorites from this “Coaching session turned Proposal” shoot!!! :) Congrats you two!!!! We were so honored to be a part of this!!

Couldn’t love this more!!

The beautiful ring!!

Yep, I would have had that SAME reaction!! It was amazing!!

Erika you’re going to be the most beautiful bride!!! So SO excited for you!

LOVE spring time… for this very reason:


xoxo, Katelyn
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