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hard to believe that over 50 photographers have had coaching sessions with us in the last year and a half! It’s really quite humbling actually. I love teaching… from the bottom of my heart, I just love it! It’s such a blessing in my life and I feel like I’m right where I need to be when I’m helping other photographers grow and take steps forward. A photographer once asked “Isn’t spending 9:30am to 6:00pm helping people DRAINING?!!”. Well, I’m tired afterwards but it’s not draining… I actually get energy FROM people and so I love coaching days!

Coaching days sure beats sitting behind my iMac answering emails in an office by myself all day!!! This past month we had the most amazing group of photographs come through our doors!! Caroline is just the sweetest! She’s jumping into the industry and is making things happen and it’s exciting!! MATHY is actually “Matt and Cathy” and they are a hilarious, fun loving couple that is ready to move closer towards being a full time husband and wife team! They are TOTALLY going to make that happen!!! Rachel is a friend of mine that I’ve known for years and I’m so excited for all that is happening in her business right now! This girl is a blogging machine now!!! :) And Morgan is just as beautiful inside as she is out. She’s young and already accomplishing so so much!! I’m so excited to watch these photographers grow this year!!!! Enjoy some of their headshots!! :)

Caroline you’re beautiful!

Meet Matt and Cathy!! These two are a ton of fun! 

Bright bright sun in the mid afternoon… they made it work! :)

Ray-may! You’re adorable!

Just gorgeous Morgan!!!

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