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be thinking “Gosh Katelyn, it seems like you’re coaching every week!”…. and that’s almost true. The past two months I have had coaching sessions back to back and while it’s a lot of work, I have had some amazing people come through our doors!! Amanda and Sarah are friends that I have known in the industry for a while. They have both attended workshops with me and other photographers in the area and they are all about making this dream happen!! What I love most about coaching sessions is allowing people to set their goals. It almost feels like I’m giving them that final PUSH that will take them over the top to make big things

happen and I feel honored to be in that position!!  It’s nothing that I AM DOING… it’s all about what they decide to do.

I remember one photographer who attended my 2011 workshop who approached me and said “So, I really want to do this…. like, really bad…  but I have a full time job.”  My response was “Well, do you love that job?” and she immediately replied with a resounding “NO!”…. and then my next question was, “Are you 100% dependent on that job for benefits and income for your entire family?” and her answer was “No”.  So what was holding her back? Why didn’t she just go for it? … The biggest reason was fear…. fear that she wasn’t good enough technically, that clients wouldn’t come and that people would think “Ok WHAT are you doing?!”.  It’s not an uncommon situation. Actually, right now in the photography industry, it’s probably the MOST common issue with new photographers.

Well, I’m happy to say that that photographer went home, quit her job and is doing amazing thing with her budding business. Is it always that easy for everyone? No. But it is possible!  This is why I love coaching sessions… I love the “lightbulb” moments… I love seeing people find HOPE for their business and I love having new friends come into my life!! It’s a wonderful thing!! Coaching sessions bless me as much as they bless those that sign up and I’m so thankful for this season of life.  Enjoy some of my favorites of the beautiful Sarah and Amanda!!!

Ha! Love these! 

And you KNOW I love that teal!!!

Sarah you’re stunning! 

Love her laugh! 

Ha! Parking garage fun! Amanda you’re cute! …. and you probably didn’t know that I caught that… but I did… and now it’s on the blog, haha :):) 


Girls you are so lovely!!! Loved spending the day with you!!



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