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ago I announced that I was now offering “Coaching Sessions” once a month for two photographers.  And like most of my ideas… they always need a little tweaking.  This is the second round of coaching sessions since they were announced and I think I’ve finally figured it out! I want this experience to be three things for the photographer’s that attend: 1.FUN  2. PERSONAL and  3. A GAME CHANGER. I want photographers to leave these sessions feeling like they can take on the world and totally make this dream of theirs happen!  In order for me to really get to know each photographer well and hear about where they are

in their business journey, I decided that I needed to be able to have some one on one time with each of them. So coaching sessions now look like this:  One session with Photographer #1 from 9-12am in my office, meet photographer #1 & #2 for a lunch date and then a teaching/headshot shoot both photographers and then from 3-6pm, Photographer #2 joins me for some one-on-one coaching. It works well and it’s so much fun for me! I thoroughly enjoy these days and I’m looking forward to offering MORE in the future! It’s a fun time but more importantly, it’s a great investment for a new photographer that’s just getting started and needs that extra PUSH to get things rolling. You’ll walk away with new headshots and a notebook full of knowledge! Well maybe not a FULL notebook but you know what I mean.  So if you’re interested, be on the lookout for more dates to be announced in August!


Today you’re meeting Simone & Melody from Dolce Photography and Lauren Hammond! Simone and Melodie did their portion of the session together since they are in business together. This is definitely an option for other photography duos too! Lauren is a sweetheart from Maryland and I’m so honored that she made the long drive down for the day! We had a blast and I can’t wait to show you their portraits.


It’s always a little tricky trying to TEACH and SHOOT at the same time but we made it work with 4 of us and I’m so excited to show you our PARKING GARAGE PORTRAITS. I think this should be a new thing! “Parking Garage Portraits”… it has a nice ring to it!  Basically, I wanted to teach them about directional lighting and the parking garage was the perfect place to do it.  What better example of how something UGLY can be made BEAUTIFUL with the correct LIGHT!! So enjoy these portraits and meet my new friends Simone, Melodie and Lauren!!

Melodie you’re gorgeous!

There they are! What a pair!

Simone your model face is NICE!!! Beautiful!!

Lauren!! Cutest smile and a sweet laugh to go along with it:)

These were all taken under a tree, no artificial lighting… just directional lighting coming from underneath the leaves!

There was a storm rolling in! Crazy clouds and crazy light!

Love this!

Who knew a parking garage could look so good?!

My favorites!! LOVE these Lauren!!

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