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beautiful day in RVA!!! Bokeh woke up at 5:30am because it was thundering and he thought for sure we had an intruder and boy did he let us know it!! At 5:30 it was sleeting and NASTY outside… at 8am, it was a TOTALLY different story! We have SNOW!!!! AHH!!! I’m not going to ramble on and on because I’m sure I’ll be posting some snow pics sometime! It’s supposed to keep snowing through 11pm tonight! So today we’re announcing new coaching session dates! When we launched the idea of coaching sessions last May, we had no idea what we were getting into! The response was phenomenal and

I have absolutely LOVED getting the opportunity to help individuals set goals, gain confidence and take their business to the next level. Coaching sessions are designed to help photographers grow their businesses by tending to their individual needs. Unlike workshops where I teach a wide array of content for 8+ hours, we talk about THEM and their specific business needs.

After 12 months of coaching, we’re ready to launch some more dates for the spring/summer of 2013! Coaching days are split into two sessions. One photographer meets with me in the morning, then we meet the second photographer for lunch & headshots and then the afternoon is spent with photographer #2 for their coaching session. It’s a blast and not only do you walk away with new industry friends, new headshots and a ton of information…. you are also a part of a community. All of the KJ Coaching photographers are invited to be a part of a Facebook group where they can ask questions, interact and encourage one another as we all work towards growing our businesses. This community is something that I’m so grateful for and I’m excited to see it grow this spring and summer! So here are the dates! :

May 16th & 20th
June 20th & 25th
July 11th & 30th
August 13th & 22nd






** PS. Some dates booked extremely fast… if you’re interested, I would grab your seat now. New dates won’t be added until the fall. **


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