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sessions have been a HUGE part of this spring for us. We are so excited to have these amazing photographers come into our home and help them grow their businesses! …. But let me tell you, the more people we have come into our baby house and climb the stairs to my little office with sketchy air conditioning, the more excited I get about offering coaching sessions in the NEW house!! woopwoop! My current office has worked GREAT…. but we’re getting pumped about the move!! All of my coaching gals are such great sports.

They travel in from ALL over and then once they get here, they are greeted by a bichpoo with WAY too much energy!  Bokeh boy loves coaching days because he knows he’ll get attention all day from SOMEONE!

Laura and Kristin and Kelsey and Kerri were two separate coaching days. Laura and Kristin are northern gals that work together on wedding days and then have portrait sessions on their own. Not only are they photographers, they are moms! It was so much fun to help them sit down and hash out how they can save time and still push there businesses forward while still having family time! They are best friends who met through some of the children’s activities and they just hit it off! …. And now they’re chasing dreams together and traveling to VA!

Kelsey and Kerri are two photographers from Canada and NY!! So cool… I have friends in Canada, nbd:) Both girls are shooting weddings and loving it! We chatted about how to move forward, gain a following, save time in post processing, simplify pricing, etc. etc. The list goes on and on! Loved getting to know these amazing women!! It was sad to only have a day with them!!

So for me, the BEST part about coaching sessions is AFTER the fact.  I LOVE getting emails 5-10 days after the session and hearing about ALL the these photogs have already accomplished! These women are on it!! I’m talking business name changes, new pricing guides, setting up branding consults with designers, trying out PASS, etc.  Really cool stuff!!  So proud of all they are already doing!! Here are a few favorites from these April coaching dates!!

Love Laura’s laugh! 

You two are so much fun!! 


That necklace and dress?! LOVE IT!


Oh ok… so apparently I was working with models…..:)


So cute!


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