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Have you ever heard that phrase, “the best years of your life.”? Most people are referring to their college years and that would definitely be the case for us! Our time at Christopher Newport University isa season of life that we will cherish and tell our kids about because it played such a huge role in who we are today. The friends we made, the lessons we learned and the experiences we had were what made it the best years of our life!

People in life inspire us. Whether they are celebrities or a family member or even a peer…. almost everyone has someone they look up to. Michael and I are very thankful that we have an abundance of people in our life that we admire and look up to in so many different ways. I like to think of these people as being on our “Impact” list. In some way, shape or form, these individuals came into our lives and they had a profound impact on us. Maybe they made an impact on our marriage…. maybe their leadership was inspiring…. or maybe their public declaration of their faith was what made such a great impression.

Well, there are two individuals that have impacted us in all of those ways and that’s President Paul Trible and his amazing wife Rosemary. President Trible is a former US Senator that later became the President of Christopher Newport University.  It was a small university that needed a lot of change and a lot of inspiration. Someone needed to believe in this little school and they needed to have an audacious dream for what it could become.  In the last decade, President Trible and Rosemary’s vision for what is now “Christopher Newport University” has come to life. The campus has literally been rebuilt and what was once a small, local community college is now a thriving, nationally recognized university that receives roughly 12,000 freshman applications to fill 1200 spots. Amazing right?
Over the course of our time at CNU, we have learned so much from Paul and Rosemary. We’ve learned that a healthy marriage makes for an unstoppable team. We’ve learned that not everyone slows down after they reach 60 and that someone’s schedule will ALWAYS be crazier than ours. We’ve learned that great leadership is founded on integrity and we’ve also learned that being a faithful follower of Christ, no matter how many people know your name, is the true mark of believer who is unashamed. If you can’t tell, we’re kinda proud of our Alma Mater…. and if you’re in VA and you’re college shopping, you should slip on down to Newport News and visit this amazing campus. I’m telling you, it’s one of the greatest places on earth… but I’m a bit biased. :)

If you’re a CNU Alumni like us, today is the day to support your school!! Today is the day to give back and continue to be a part of the Legacy that helped begin your own future! Whether you can give $5 or $500, every gift matters significantly!! Lets be Alumni that leave a legacy and not just a few memories!  Join in the fun by doing these three things:

  1. Show your spirit Put on your silver and blue and show the world what it means to be a Captain.
  2. Share your CNU story Spread the word and tell everyone what makes Christopher Newport special. Post your thoughts, pictures and best memories on social media using #CNUDay15. Reach out and get others fired up, too!
  3. Make a gift HERE Every gift of any size makes a difference. Support whatever you care about most. Your investment will strengthen scholarships, enhance programs and power our rise in national rankings.

Some of our friends have graciously contributed matching gifts. Through their generosity, when you give today you’ll make even more of a difference.

Remember, your alma mater stays with you.


Go Captains!


xoxo, Katelyn
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