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  • CLIC Conference Recap

truly love this season of our life and our business. Having the opportunity to speak and share our hearts for this industry is such an honor. I don’t take it lightly. Whether it’s 5 people or 500, it’s a privilege to be asked to speak somewhere! As I was preparing my talk for the CLIC Conference that took place last Friday and Saturday, I realized just how AWESOME this was going to be. Not my talk…. the conference! That came out wrong! The CONFERENCE was going to be amazing because to my knowledge, there has never been a photography conference quite like this for women in this area. What a treat this was!

Women from all OVER the east coast drove and some flew in to gather together for two days. I spoke on the first day of the conference along with two of my past brides!! How fun is THAT?! Molly did a GREAT job kicking us in the butt with our social media and Amanda showed us that you can truly have it all… motherhood AND a business. (I still think she’s super woman:).  We also heard from Megan Huber, a business and life success coach!  I absolutely loved our time together. Michael hung out with all of us at the Angus Barn for the day and even though he was the ONLY guy…. he has a blast too. :) So enjoy some images from this super fun gathering that we were lucky enough to be a part of!!! LOVED meeting all of you southern gals!!!

Interested in coming to a future CLICL conference?! More info HERE!!!

Molly is the sweetest! Love this girl! Her joy is contagious! 

Kelly Martin, you did an amazing job coordinating!! 

Amanda, you’re such a cutie!!

Loved seeing HH Boogie on display! 

Ha! He looks bored but he was happy.. I promise:)

It’s impossible to get a good shot of me speaking… way to many faces. 

Thank you Michael for snapping these!!!

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